Between texts, emails, phone calls and notifications from the multiple social media apps, when are really unplugged from this virtual world we have created? In the last 10 years the cyber demands for our busy social lifestyle has proven to be an amazing way to stay connected and current, but why is it important for us to disconnect with digital and reconnect with reality for a few minutes a day?


Social media has been noted by researchers as the millennial generation drug of choice… While this technological advancement isn’t officially considered an addiction, our attachment to the internet and social media sites is becoming more and more problematic. There are multiple downsides to keeping phones and computers on 24/7:

  • A short term form of procrastination that distracts us from what’s important and inhibits the creation of short-term memories
  • Constantly being available to our friends and family seems like technology is fostering connectivity, however studies show that spending large amounts of time online can actively harm relationships
  • Obsessively refreshing Facebook or Instagram constitutes the state of FOMO (fear of missing out)
  • Smartphones have created a whole new concept of the traditional ‘workaholic’ – smartphones are making it easier for people to bring work home with them and in turn keeps stress levels active 24/7


Choosing to unplug and regenerate without a screen in front of our eyes is a necessity for generations moving forward. Touching base with ‘the real world’ can be a difficult thing to do, so we’ve listed some great ways to kickstart the change:

  • Go on a digital detox and slowly aim to cut down on your tech habits while still be a functioning member of society. It is perfectly OK to switch off sometimes – everyone and everything will still be there when you get back. If this gives you anxiety, let your close friends and family know that you are taking a break.
  • Start and end your day right! Instead of reaching for your phone as soon as you get up or going to sleep looking at the screen, take this time to meditate or boost your brain with meditation alternatives.
  • Create a need for face-to-face communication and make a day to actively interact with people. Instead of having email or phone call meetings set up time each week to get out and meet and greet those who you know so well online!
  • Journal, doodle, colour in, write notes or write lists – just get a pen and paper and make it happen!
  • Get active by coming to an InspireCycle class where ALL handheld technology is banned in the Inspire chamber, and reconnect with your inner self

Remember that taking time for yourself away from technology is a blessing and not a chore, so do things that make you happy. Reconnecting may just give you more clarity, and increase your productivity overall.



Love + Light


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