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InspireCycle has many benefits for all our riders. The workout being in a candle lit room, with loud music and inspiring instructors is a great way for anyone to exercise. Here are 4 reasons why university students should choose InspireCycle as their number one health and wellness destination:

Push yourself at your own pace!

InspireCycle is a great place for anyone to come if they are wanting to get back into their health and fitness. We’ve all heard of the Fresher 5 – with the distractions of study and partying, sometimes our health can come in second to the things that seem like priorities. If you haven’t exercised for a while, spinning is a great form of exercise as you can push yourself to your own limits and go your own pace. Although this is a beat-driven workout, you control the resistance, you control how hard you push and you make the commitment to attend your classes. You set your goals and we help you get there.



Your escape

InspireCycle is many peoples escape from the ‘Real World’. We all have times where we need a break from everyday life – especially if exams and university have been getting you down. InspireCycle provides the perfect atmosphere to detox and take time out for you. In a distraction free and dark environment, you are transported to a world in your own mind where you can overcome anything. This is your 45 minutes every day where you don’t have to think about your to-do list. It is so important that we take time to prioritise ourselves and our mental health! The upbeat music will boost your mood and help relieve your stress

Support team

Study is such a stressful period of your life which is why it is so important to have a great support structure around you. InspireCycle will be just one more community that you can call your support system. Our instructors will not only Inspire you, but help you to reach your personal greatness. We are invested in you and your goals. We believe in you. Every class that you come to, someone will tell you that you can do it, and you will show yourself that you can. Not only this, but we have an amazing community of students who ride with us every day.

Student Memberships for $25 p/w

InspireCycle wants to support our students! You are the future. We have tried to make our memberships affordable so that you can experience the InspireCycle magic and have the escape you need. Why not invest in your mental + physical health with a $25p/w membership here or buy a 5 or 10 ride student pack. **Please show your valid student ID on your first class.**




Love + Light


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