The InspireCycle combo experience is built on a solid full body workout, on a bike,in the dark teamed up with a muscle training focused class.

Spurred on by booming music, an inspirational instructor, and the explosive energy radiating from your fellow Riders – you will power through an intense physical workout and have a whole lot of fun getting there. Experience an exhilarating 30 minute express cycle class, teamed with a 30 minute targeted strength training class to shock + tone the body fast!


The best of both worlds – sculpting and cardio.  A combination of our 30 minute cycle and 30 minute toning and tightening barre. Our barre classes keep your heart rate elevated while burning fat and building lean muscle mass. Pure results and pure adrenaline pumping fun.



CycleBooty compliments our signature Inspire30 ride with a 30 minute muscle burning class that combines pilates based movements using booty bands and ankle weights to give you a perky and peachy booty!


CycleStretch is a combination of an Inspire 30 ride and a crucial stretch class. You will develop your mind to body connection, flexibility, mobility and your ability to recover. With CycleStretch you will receive a fast paced, calorie burning workout followed by a slow paced, muscle control session restoring the body.



CycleCore is a combination of an Inspire 30 ride and an intensive core workout. You will improve your mobility, spine strength, posture + most importantly, you will improve the appearance of your abdominals by increasing lean muscle mass and burning body fat.


Your first class, what to expect + the benefits 

You bring the attitude, sense of adventure and willingness to go hard and we’ll handle the rest—starting at the booking stage. Your first ride will be tough! It takes 3 classes to feel confident and comfortable so don’t give up! For your first ride we recommend that you arrive at least 20 minutes before the class starts. This is important so we can get you set up correctly on the bike, show you around the studio and check your guest account.

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We provide SPD compatible cleated shoes, and a towel for the 30 minute express segment of your class. All you need to do is gear up in comfortable sportswear, preferably form fitting pants or shorts, and socks. Add water to quench your thirst. Hard work, sweat, and an unforgettable ride are around the corner. Please bring sneakers for your CycleHIIT class.

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As one group, we keep each other motivated and empowered to rise to the challenge with strength and vigour. In a darkened room, we sweat together, burn together, and together push through the physical exertion to hit the finish line. Once the cycle workout has concluded, guests will transfer to our MindBody chamber to complete their 1 hour total body workout with either Barre, HIIT, Core or Stretch – each designed to tone, lengthen, burn fat + build muscle. There’s simply nothing like it!


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