This InspireCycle class is a combination of the Inspire30, and a 3o minute workout off the bike.

Experience an exhilarating 30 minute express cycle class, teamed with a 30 minute targeted strength training class. Combo classes include Barre, Booty, Core and Stretch.


A combination of our 30 minute cycle and 30 minute toning and tightening barre. Our barre classes keep your heart rate elevated while burning fat and building lean muscle mass.



CycleBooty compliments our signature Inspire30 ride with a 30 minute muscle burning class that combines pilates based movements using booty bands and ankle weights to give you a perky and peachy booty!


CycleStretch will develop your mind to body connection, flexibility, mobility and your ability to recover. Stretch will allow your body a slow paced, muscle control session restoring the body.



CycleCore will give you an intensive core workout. You will improve your mobility, spine strength, and posture.


Are you a first time rider?

Welcome to the Army! For your first ride we recommend that you arrive at least 20 minutes before the class starts, so that we can check your guest account, show you our studio and get you set up correctly on the bike.

large gear

We provide SPD compatible cleated shoes, and a towel for your ride. We recommend wearing shorts or leggings, and a top or sports bra. Please bring along socks and a water bottle for every ride. We have bottled water available for $2. Hard work, sweat, and an unforgettable ride are around the corner.

large gear

In a darkened room, our army rides together, sweats together and burns together.


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