The InspireCycle experience is built on a full body workout on a bike in a candlelit studio.

InspireCycle is an indoor cycling workout involving high-intensity cardio, and beat-based choreographed movements. From the moment you clip in, you will ride as one with the InspireArmy. While pushing your body to its limits, our instructors will take you on a journey through each track, supporting and guiding you with each stroke of the pedal. More than a spin class, our mission is for our riders to leave the studio feeling stronger than when they arrived.

Are you a first time rider?

Welcome to the Army! For your first ride we recommend that you arrive at least 20 minutes before the class starts, so that we can check your guest account, show you our studio and get you set up correctly on the bike.

large gear

We provide SPD compatible cleated shoes, and a towel for your ride. We recommend wearing shorts or leggings, and a top or sports bra. Please bring along socks and a water bottle for every ride. We have bottled water available for $2. Hard work, sweat, and an unforgettable ride are around the corner.

large gear

In a darkened room, our army rides together, sweats together and burns together.



The InspireCycle experience is built on a 45 minute full body workout on a bike. Weighted sectors are combined with intervals and sports specific movements, that not only sculpt your body, but build stamina and strength. Be cocooned in a candlelit studio with playlists curated by our instructors. One 45 minute session will burn between 500-800 calories.


Love to sweat but short on time? All the amazing benefits of our 45 minute workout but condensed into a intensive 30 minute session.


It’s amazing what an hour-ride can do! Our signature ride with bonus weight tracks to feel the burn, sweaty sprints and hill climbs to challenge you and burn big calories!


For our devoted riders who want to double up. This 90 minute class is designed to power you featuring high-intensity training, races and extended weights tracks. We recommend that riders have experience with Inspire 45 or Inspire 60 before taking Inspire 90.


 We focus on finding your perfect bike set-up, clipping in and out, practicing perfect technique and using resistance to help you ride to the beat in a safe and efficient way. Inspire Intro was created for anyone seeking personal instruction on basic Inspire fundamentals to attend.

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