I originally joined on a trial thinking that this wouldn't be for me - I wouldn't fit in or those bodies toned for lycra would judge me. Well 20 weeks later and I LOVE this place. Every single instructor is unique and has their own way to inspire you. No two classes are the same, the music is pumping and this is one hell of a work out. If you’re wondering if this is for you, trust me. This place is for EVERYONE. Just give it a few classes to get used to it.

Best spin studio in Australia - finally something similar to SoulCycle in the US. Highly recommend it!

I didn't know what my first class at InspireCycle would be like but it lived up to expectations of a great work out while boosting my confidence that I could go harder and push my limits. Great for your physical and mental health, will definitely be going back!

I needed a class that wouldn't scare me off since it’s been so long since I exercised. This was perfect. I felt safe, supported and could go at the pace I needed whilst still being pushed to where I needed to be.