Let’s take a trip back… I’m sure we can all remember when we were younger and the end of June hit – school was out and there was an abundance of outdoor activities to keep us fit and active during the holidays. Fast forward to 2018 and times have clearly changed with a lot of younger people more involved with technology where life revolves around iPhones, iPads and computers.

Although technology is a wonderful education platform for children, getting outdoors and getting active is the best possible way for young people to develop the skills they need to stay fit and adapt healthy habits throughout their lives. It may be difficult to think of new and inventive exercise ideas that younger people find entertaining, so we got some background stories from our very knowledgeable team to see what they did when they younger to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle.

DANCE with Jake our Instructor
As a young child, dance was the one form of exercise that sparked Jake’s interest, which ended up turning into a lifelong passion. Jake attended the Anne Fraser School of Dance with a focus on Ballet and Contemporary, where he learnt discipline, gained confidence and could freely express himself. After completing years of training throughout his formative schooling years, Jake then completed a Bachelor of Dance at QUT, and eventually found InspireCycle where he could combine his love of active movement, music and public performance.

  • Hot Tip – Did you know that dance gives children strong physical, social and self-esteem benefits that can reduce the chance of anxiety at a young age?

SCHOOL SPORTS with Amber our Receptionist
Amber grew up on a farm, and to keep active her parents would make her and her brothers get outside the house and play various activities. Running, horse riding, swimming in dams and chasing cows were Ambers’ prominent childhood memories of staying active in school holidays. To develop team mentality from youth, Amber was also involved in playing basketball and school athletic sports such as high jump, both of which she credits to her developing a permanent active mind and body

  • Hot Tip – Did you know that competing in school sports can help reduce the risk of obesity, promote a greater ability to physically relax after an endorphin rush, and also improve sleep patterns?

OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES with Gab our Receptionist
Coming from a big family can have its’ perks. Being the only girl in a 4-child family, Gab was (naturally) born a competitive kid, and whatever her brothers played, she would too. With her parents wanting the rowdy bunch out of the house, she always joined into fun games of rugby, basketball and other contact sports. This healthy experience of sport also led Gab to compete in running and cross country where she won quite a few awards, and helped her to manage her stress growing up.

  • Hot Tip – Did you know children who regularly are involved in outdoor play have increased motor, sensory, social and cognitive development, and also makes them more positively self-aware?

CANOEING with Alexis our Head of Brand
Born from 2 sporty parents gave Alexis a good active start in life. From a young age she was encouraged to try different activities that excited her and kept her mind and body healthy, and this is where she found canoeing. Growing up in northern NSW surrounded by oceans and rivers allowed her to try this sport, and after years of practice she eventually completed her Duke of Edinburgh award. Not only did canoeing promote healthy muscular and cardiovascular fitness, but Alexis said it helped her with social skills and developing a strong willpower.

  • Hot Tip – Did you know canoeing is a full body, low impact workout that not only enables kids to exercise, but also allows them to experience relaxation, getting outdoors and being surrounded by nature?

Want to find out about activities in your area? There are so many amazing options held during the school holidays posted on government websites and local community portals – so get Googling! Did you also know InspireCycle is designed for children 4’11” and above? Here’s their chance to join your obsession!



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