• JK (Head Trainer)
    • ABOUT – The InspireCycle OG, JK is “kind of a big deal” (in her own words). With a strong dance and performing background, JK’s passion for movement and people led her to the bike and she hasn’t looked back since. JK’s gone all the way with InspireCycle – from applying as a receptionist, to our now Head Trainer of the group – she’s a force to reckon with.
    • WHAT SHE WILL BRING TO THE CLASS – No class is the same and you never know what you’re going to get with JK. But get ready to sweat, sing, conquer challenges, find peace along the way and mess up your hair! JK strives to make a difference in people’s lives through her unique approach to fitness and encourages riders to discover their inner champion.
    • MUSIC SHE LOVES – She loves to get down and dirty to hip hop and RnB, but also loves a sing-a-long
    • MANTRA – It’s never too late to start living the life you want for yourself.
  • Eloise (Master Trainer)
    • ABOUT –  Elle is a preschool teacher turned group fitness instructor who traded the blackboard for a podium and never looked back. Elle loves to be physically challenged, loves getting outside, travelling and is partial to a good wine and cheese platter or brunch.
    • WHAT SHE WILL BRING TO THE CLASS – A hell of a lot of passion. Don’t be fooled by her smile outside the studio, Elle has a superpower of knowing exactly where your limit lies and won’t let you stop until she is satisfied you’ve reached it.
    • MUSIC SHE LOVES – Things get a little hectic within the studio walls with lots of EDM, a bit of trap and an old school remix to break it up.
    • MANTRA – Your body achieves what your mind believes.
  • Jake
    • ABOUT – Jake has trained as a ballet and contemporary dancer at QUT. He has travelled the world performing and training with some elite companies, spanning from the global dance summit in Taipei to performing works for Sydney Dance Company. His second passion is food, placing runners up on My Kitchen Rules with his sister Elle. Since the show they have opened a food stall and continue to emerge themselves in the Australian foodie scene.
    • WHAT HE WILL BRING TO THE CLASS – Jake makes you move to the best pop beats around, transforming your workout into a dance party. Jake encourages you to perform at your best, combining his extremely energetic personality, making you pumped for class. With his strict ballet background you know you won’t get away with bad technique.
    • MUSIC HE LOVES – Give Jake anything pop and you’ll have the best time, he loves taking to back in time with 80s and 90s music and also mixes in some hip hop. You’ll never know what music you’ll get but you’ll love it!
    • MANTRA – It’s either one day or day one.
  • Edward
    • ABOUT – Ed is 21 and has finally found his passion and favourite way to workout. He loves to ride and loves to push people to make them sweaty and breathless. He loves to eat, drink coffee and hang out with friends in his spare time. He also loves to keep up with the latest music so be prepared for top 50 in his rides.
    • WHAT HE WILL BRING TO THE CLASS – Ed’s music should push you to a new level and make you work hard through the whole ride.
    • MUSIC HE LOVES – Ed loves to listen to the current top 50 and also the top 50 from past years. Be prepared for some throwback tunes and remixes, just to switch it up.
    • MANTRA – You do you! And you own it!
  • Katherine
    • ABOUT – I’m studying a bachelor of biomedical science at UQ. I just adopted a kitten, Simba, and am living the dream being a new ‘mum’. Movie popcorn and malteasers are my favourite indulgence.
    • WHAT SHE WILL BRING TO CLASS – Enthusiasm, Irresistibly catchy music and a genuine commitment to your success.
    • MUSIC SHE LOVES – I love keeping right up to date with the top 50 or any Pop remixes but I also love acoustic music to wind down from a good spin!
    • MANTRA – Hustle until you no longer need to introduce yourself


  • Trent
    • ABOUT – From professional swimmer, to actor, to instructor – Trent is a man of many strengths. Born in Australia and having lived in the UK for many years, Trent is guaranteed to bring worldwide flair + fun to every individual he meets.
    • WHAT HE WILL BRING TO THE CLASS – Fun, fierce moves + a great music playlist that will have you dancing + smiling all the way to the end of the ride.
    • MUSIC HE LOVES – Heavy Pop Remixes
    • MANTRA – There’s no change with challenge.
  • Luke
    • ABOUT – Hailing from the UK, Luke started as the anti-sport geeky kid at school who transformed into a fitness convert, using exercise to keep him physically fit, and as a healthy daily boost to his esteem, mood and energy levels. If Luke’s not in the gym, he’s running with his dogs Benji & Blue or busy behind a camera.
    • WHAT HE WILL BRING TO THE CLASS – Luke is an instructor that will give you 120 percent which he hopes is contagious. He wants everyone that arrives to his class tired to leave feeling alive and motivated. He loves nothing more than keeping pace with a killer beat and seeing everyone else on the same count pushing themselves to their own personal max.
    • MUSIC HE LOVES – Heavy Pop Remixes
    • MANTRA – The only bad workout is the one you didn’t do
  • Lilly
    • ABOUT – Lilly is a bright and fun athlete who loves the energy of a good sweat session. Her workouts are enthusiastic and upbeat. You will leave the session pumped and motivated to keep striving for the best!
    • WHAT SHE WILL BRING TO THE CLASS – Her dedication to your 45 minutes will allow you to reach new levels and experience things you’ve never thought possible all while having a smile.
    • MUSIC SHE LOVES – A mix of 70’s throwback and recent pop.
    • MANTRA – You’ll get out as much as you put in.
  • Bronte
    • ABOUT – Born and bred on the GC and never leaving! I have been a personal trainer for nearly 6 years, and I do it because I love it. I currently work full time, study full time and work as a group fitness instructor…because who needs sleep, right? When I am not doing one of those things, I spend my time with my fiance & family, array of pets or go out for long lunches.
    • WHAT SHE WILL BRING TO THE CLASS – A whole lot of really bad dance moves and singing. But in all seriousness, I love the energy vibe in the room. I want to push everyone to new limits in each class, and have everyone leaving with a smile and more importantly, coming back for more (once they have recovered)!
    • MUSIC SHE LOVES – Anything that I can dance badly too and sing along! I like a lot of the top charts with a few classic throwbacks!
    • MANTRA – Be dedicated, not motivated. Motivation is the initiative to start a task. Dedication goes beyond a mere desire.


Can’t wait to ride with you all in the studio – try every instructor to find which suits you best!



Love + Light


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