We are half way through our InspireCycle Commit + Conquer 30 day challenge and noticing huge improvements in the mental strength and clarity of our community. As the half way point hits, we are focusing on courage as our theme.

Every one of us has the power to live courageously to improve our lives. We must practice being courageous and be willing to step up to the plate whenever a moment presents itself. If we want a life of our dreams, rather than a life that is presented to us that we decide to settle for, we must live courageously. Where do you start…?

BANISH proscrastination

Overthinking and wasting time will achieve nothing. Why not just try your best and learn from the results of that first attempt. Do not become discouraged – every step is a journey.

REMOVE fear as a barrier

Look fear right in the eye and determine what exactly it is that you are afraid of. Is it rejection? Is it being made fun or not accepted? Often our fears are telling us what we desire the most in our lives, and it is up to us to listen to this internal message and break through the fear barrier.

STAND up for your beliefs

There is nothing more courageous than having a voice to stand up for what you believe is right/just/etc. If your desire is to be able to have enough strength to stand up to those who are bullying you, don’t allow others to be bullied either. In other words, practice standing up for others who need help. It is often easier to be courageous when someone else is in need, rather than standing up for ourselves. By being clear about what you will and won’t tolerate, will help you learn how to find the strength within yourself to have a voice when it is necessary.

REMOVE your comfort zone constraints

Our comfort zone is an easy trap. By doing small things every day, week or month will allow you to open up to new possibilities that scare you, excite you and define your new self. By being open to meeting new people, visiting a new city that you are curious about, or changing up your routine a bit, will assist you in strengthening your ability to be courageous. Start small – and watch the progress happen.

TRUST your instincts

With each year of life experience, your instincts grow. Experiencing life joys and life struggles whether that be within work, relationships, family or social groups will allow you to hone your instincts over what makes your heart sing versus what pulls at your heartstrings. You will begin to realise what risks are worth taking, and when you know what is important to you, you begin to realise that you must choose what you care most about over the fear that stands in the way.


Love + Light


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