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"Hustle & Heart

will set your apart"

If there's one thing that motivates Mon, it's helping other people unleash their inner badass through the art of boxing. Originally a reformer pilates instructor, Mon turned to boxing when she realised the empowering effect it had on her life.

Monica now focuses on sharing the empowerment with other people, motivating others to step into their power and discover their full potential. She believes boxing is more than a workout. It's a mental game of mind, body and soul.

Her goal in class is to use boxing as the vehicle to foster strong, confident beings who respect their body for what it can do, not what it looks like. She created Box Femme with this in mind and build a community based on her core values of Connect, Empower, Hustle.

With a latin background, expect to hear some Spanish beats thrown in with some EDM, old song Kanye, and maybe a little Eye of the Tiger. Mon brings a warm heart, infectious energy and plenty of laughs to every session in the Rumble Room!

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