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Mind, Sweat + Gears

InspireCycle is the brainchild of Mark and Kate Stocks. InspireCycle is a premium Indoor Cycling and Boxing brand, focusing on high intensity beat filled workouts with inspirational expert Instructors. InspireCycle is the first of its kind in Australia, focusing on the combination of music and energy to build strength from the inside out, mind and body. The candle lit studios provide a breath taking, music-thumping, beat based workout for your whole body.

Mark Stocks is a previous pioneer in the fitness industry, as co-founder of the powerhouse brand Jetts 24 Hour Fitness. With the Jetts team, he helped establish and grow the first 100 24 Hour clubs in Australia (Winning BRW Fast Franchise awards along the way). With his experience, and his wife Kate’s passion for mind, body and soul fitness, the duo created InspireCycle to bring a new era of health and wellness into the Australian market.


  • Deliver an amazing experience for clients of all ages and fitness levels.

  • Fuel each workout with incredible music, playlists, lighting shows and motivational energy, all done in a welcoming and exciting environment, free from judgement

  • Ensure every class is an unforgettable multi-sensory experience.

  • Hire, develop and retain a strong, confident team and build careers for them.

  • Work as hard as we can to ensure the success of our team and our Franchisees who choose to come on the journey with us


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