No matter how cheesy this quote is, or how many times you’ve heard it on a Disney movie or seen it on a wall in a restaurant or household, there are many things we can take from this phrase. Are you ready to live every day the right way without your fears taking hold of you?

  • Fear is what sparked the idea of our Winter Warriors checklist challenge where we allow you to defeat your anxieties about certain confronts within the studio. The checklist seems short and sweet but many of us have fears relating to these simple tasks, such as riding in the front row for the first time in class.
  • Fear can control your life and if not managed correctly, be extremely overwhelming. Try visualising your fears in a worst case scenario. Did this prevent you from taking action? By emotionally overcoming those situations, even if in an imaginary way, you can start adjusting your actions in life for a more positive outcome. Managing your ups and down by making better decisions and being consciously aware of these fears will have you thriving in difficult situations in no time.
  • Acclaimed author Tim Ferris believes in fear setting, an exercise like goal setting to overcome what you are afraid of. In his Ted Talk, he provides a fear-setting exercise for life that helped him overcome suicidal thoughts where he was particularly afraid of the unknown. Tim uses three main points in this exercise to outline and express fears:
    1. Define: Start by manifesting all of the worst things that could happen in your life. Then, start to control these fears by writing down what scares you most. This list will help determine what is holding you back.
    2. Prevent: In this point, answer your problems in step one by responding to what you could do to prevent or decrease the likelihood of these things happening. By subconsciously providing an answer to your problem, you are managing your fears by gaining solutions to overcome them.
    3. Repair: If the worst-case scenario did end up happening, give yourself some peace of mind and answer “how could you repair this problem?” and “who could you ask for help?”. As we all know, our loved ones are always there to help, and having a repair strategy offers alternatives to overcome your apprehensions.

Want to start overcoming your fears, even if in a small way? Come by our studios and pick up a Winter Warrior checklist challenge. This checklist is an empowerment tool to allow you to move past confidence blockages and feel free! Make it your priority to finish all of the tasks – not only will you feel fit and healthy, but you may just overcome some pesky fears!



Love + Light


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