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Your access to and use of the Service is conditioned on your acceptance of and compliance with these Terms. These Terms apply to all visitors, users and others who access or use the Service. By accessing or using the Service you agree to be bound by these Terms. If you disagree with any part of the terms then you may not access the Service.



  • All guests at InspireCycle are required to sign the following waiver. Once signed either in person in studio or digitally this is a binding contract.

  • I acknowledge and agree the InspireCycle staff, are not qualified to provide me with medical advice with regard to my medical fitness and that the information provided to me is intended as a guideline only to the limitations of my ability to exercise. I acknowledge that at all times whilst on InspireCycle premises or under the instruction of InspireCycle staff, both my property and person shall be at my own risk. InspireCycle (and its employees, agents and contractors) will not be liable to me and and I realise and indemnify InspireCycle (and its employees, agents and contractors) from and against any liability, for any loss, injury or damage howsoever caused (including through negligence) which I may directly or indirectly suffer in connection with my participation in InspireCycle activities or on their premises. I acknowledge that I must be physically and mentally capable to undertake any activity I participate in. I acknowledge and agree that I undertake activities at my own risk.

  • All guests at InspireCycle are to be aware of our cancellation policy.

  • Class cancellations must be made a minimum of 8 hours in advance of the scheduled class. If you are a no show to your booked class, you will lose your purchased ride or your ride pack will be deducted. Clients who are on a membership or monthly pass that are absent will incur a $10 fee. Clients who late cancel may be charged a late fee. This excludes riders on a New Guest Pass. Showing up less than five minutes for a class, you may lose your spot to a standby student or not be permitted to attend. You will be charged as a late cancel.

  • All guests at InspireCycle must be aware of our purchase policy.

  • All purchases are non refundable, non changeable + non transferrable. InspireCycle may in its sole and absolute discretion refuse registration, or suspend or terminate passes or memberships at any time and for any reason. All ongoing memberships are non refundable, non transferrable + cannot be cancelled prior to set end date. Extended vacation pauses may be granted in writing. All ongoing memberships will auto renew unless InspireCycle are notified in writing. Termination of contract prior to end date will result in charges.

  • All guests at InspireCycle must be aware of our privacy policy.

  • Participants at InspireCycle grant permission to InspireCycle to reproduce any photographs or video taken of the participant for the purpose of publication, promotion, illustration, advertising, or trade, in any manner or in any medium.


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