ABOUT: Amy is originally from Canada so excuse the funny accent! She was a bank manager before moving to Aus where she became a cost controller in the mining industry in Brisbane. Amy then become a Mum to an epic little snack monster and started riding at InspireCycle. She had been a member at Inspire for 3 years before ditching her fears and auditioning to be a part of the instructor team!
MUSIC SHE LOVES: This is a hard one! Definitely loves a good beat - EDM will be on the playlist for sure. Loves a bit of a throwback (but not too far, yuck) and maybe a bit of a top 50 twist or a bit of Triple J.
Wherever the class takes you, it’ll be to an awesome beat and an epic workout because Amy believes your body is more powerful than your mind let’s it believe!
MANTRA: Let the world see your best self and you will become just that.
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