ClassPass Male Instructor of the Year Award for Brisbane 2016, 2018

Jake has nine years’ experience in the food industry, from runners up on My Kitchen Rules, to opening and piloting the first start-up shipping container restaurant concept in Brisbane. Along with owning and managing a shipping container restaurant, his main focus over the past years has been Brisbane’s ever growing fitness and food scene.  

Jake has always had a passion for fitness and food, as they go hand in hand. He's completed his BFA in dance performance at QUT and as a trained ballet and contemporary dancer, he brings a strict focus to his fitness training, and his dancing background draws out the performer in him. Inspire Cycle is a place where he can deliver a strong and challenging workout but also combine his performance background and dancing techniques to add that EXTRA experience! 


MUSIC HE LOVES: Jake loves pop, taking it back in time with 80s and 90s music and also mixes in some hip hop. You’ll never know what music you’ll get but you’ll love it!

MANTRA: It’s either one day or day one.

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