ABOUT: Jake has trained as a ballet and contemporary dancer at QUT. He has travelled the world performing and training with some elite companies, spanning from the global dance summit in Taipei to performing works for Sydney Dance Company. His second passion is food, placing runners up on My Kitchen Rules with his sister Elle. Since the show they have opened a food stall and continue to emerge themselves in the Australian foodie scene.

WHAT HE WILL BRING TO THE CLASS: Jake makes you move to the best pop beats around, transforming your workout into a dance party. Jake encourages you to perform at your best, combining his extremely energetic personality, making you pumped for class. With his strict ballet background you know you won’t get away with bad technique.

MUSIC HE LOVES: Give Jake anything pop and you’ll have the best time, he loves taking to back in time with 80s and 90s music and also mixes in some hip hop. You’ll never know what music you’ll get but you’ll love it!

MANTRA: It’s either one day or day one.

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