Winter is here which means it’s that time of year again where it gets that little bit harder to get up for that 5.30am class you booked because it’s just so damn warm in your bed. We know… and we get it!

With the 6 Week Smash and Shred Challenge just weeks away, health, motivation and mental resilience in these cooler months is a must to stay nourished and on top of your busy lifestyles. So, we have asked some of our fit and vivacious trainers to share some of their winter time life hacks that they incorporate into their daily routines to beat this season’s notorious slum.



  1. We all know that beauty comes from the inside! Stay hydrated to retain the moisture in your skin. I like to add The Super Elixir Greens to my water to increase energy, for stronger immunity and glowing skin. I do tend to struggle to drink water in winter, so the Super Greens helps me ‘down’ more water as it adds some flavour! I also loveeeeee drinking endless amounts of decaffeinated herbal tea. It’s like a little hug in a cup. Also helps you to hit your water goals for the day.
  2. Vitamins are a big one to remember. I take ArmaForce containing andrographis, echinacea, olive leaf, vitamin C and zinc, which is the ultimate immune booster helping to target symptoms of the common cold and mild upper respiratory tract infections.
  3. Moisturise EVERYTHING, EVERYDAY! As soon as I jump out of the shower, I lather myself up with moisturiser. I also use hand cream throughout the day and of course, a sh*t load of lip balm! My skin saviour so far has been, Swisse Hyaluro-Natural Hydrating Facial Mask. This was extremely helpful when flying from Brisbane to Vancouver recently on vacation. I didn’t get that nasty dry skin I usually get!
  4. Finally WASH THOSE HANDS! You will hear me at cycle yelling out, “DON’T FORGET TO WASH THOSE HANDS”, LOL. You know why, just do it!!


  1. Every morning before I have breakfast I will make myself hot tea that includes apple cider vinegar, lemon, turmeric and ginger. This is my healthy way to start each day and keep on top of my well-being. The ingredients I use are known for improving the immune system, benefits metabolism speed and has all round general health advantages. Making a habit of my morning tea kicks starts my day leaving me feeling motivated and revitalized for my usually active days.


  1. To motivate myself to get up on cold winter mornings, I place my active wear and gear I need for the next day on my bedside table/ desk. This encourages me to get up and going because it’s all set out and ready to go which helps to make no excuses! This is an excellent tip especially for cold winter mornings, because if your clothes are right there, staring at you when you open your eyes, there’s no reason not to go to your awesome InspireCycle class… Motivation and helping yourself out is key!
  2. Another Winter hack I have is the use of my Keep Cup. Before going anywhere, I will pop a BeforeYouSpeak coffee sachet into my keep cup and use boiling water from a kettle either at work or uni. This is a simple yet effective tip for organization and keeping on top of your health and stamina for the day!



Love + Light


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