Every single person has their opinion on going meat-free… Some think it’s absolutely life changing and so good for your body + soul, while others believe it is unquestionably crucial to include animal based products into the everyday diet. Regardless, have you ever heard of the saying “you’ll never know until you try”…? Well, we are here to give you some insight into the benefits of trying a meat-free diet for one week. For all of you non-believers out there – take a read and make your mind up…

  1. First of all, why go meat-free? Changing to a plant-based diet can have amazing health and nutrition benefits that can potentially decrease the chances of future long-term health problems. For example, going meat-free can help reduce health risks that affect up to 70% of deaths such as diabetes, cancer, arthritis, heart disease, and obesity. If you are partial to Googling, the internet will provide plenty more endless lists of reasons to switch including morality, social justice, environmental issues and sustainability. Still not convinced? Famous documentaries such as “What The Health “or “Cowspiracy” can provide enormous insight into why veganism should be the future, with these documentaries apparently having a 99% success rate for turning non-vegans into vegan lovers after watching.
  2. Second of all, what are the benefits you’ll see after just one week? The internet has many a story about people’s experiences and even celebrity chef Jamie Oliver is an advocate. So what have they noticed after one week of meat-free…?
    • Increased mental clarity
      • Those who suffered from lack of focus or anxiety found that going vegan gave them a sense of serenity and a noticeable calm feeling
    • Increased energy
      • A lot of bias revolving around the plant-based diet is the fact that animal protein is needed for energy. However, many people have found a meat-free diet can make you generally feel more consistent with energy and create stability with emotions and overall mood.
    • Sex drive boost
      • Consuming fruits and veggies can effectively increase serotonin levels — the happy chemical — which can lead to the desire to have more sex. Bonus!

Interested? Curious? Why not try going meat-free for a week to see what the fuss is all about, because you never know – you may just decide plant-based is the way forward for you.



Love + Light


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