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"believing in yourself is the FIRST secret to success"

Originally from Brisbane, Cielle has spent the last decade in the USA teaching group exercise classes throughout California. School teacher by day, spin instructor by night, you could say Cielle was born to lead, and helps her students in both the classroom and the cycle studio reach their full potential!

Cielle's passion for fitness extends beyond the spin room. Also a yoga and dance instructor, this lady does it all! When not instructing, you'll find Cielle being World's Best Mum to her daughter, Helena, and riding front row being our #1 woo girl!

Cielle's want you to unleash your best self mentally and physically in her classes by focusing on what you can change in the present. You will find her on the bike bringing both the party and the mind into focus, with a variety of sounds that include hip-hop and R&B, dance music and pop! Cielle loves to put the 'fun' in fitness, and will do whatever it takes to get you pumped up, sweating, and leave you smiling all day!

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