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"you do you! 

And you own it!"

Ed's passion for spin began when recovering from surgery at the start of 2018 - he found his new favourite way to work out, and hasn't got off the podium since. Now a senior instructor at InspireCycle, Ed will be your go-to instructor when you feel the need for speed!

Teaching 10 classes weekly, Ed loves to ride to balance an unhealthy obsession with food - on the rare occasions he's not riding, you will definitely find him eating!

Ed's classes will have you pushing to your max - but having the time of your life! He'll play your favourite songs (he takes requests!) but won't be afraid to turn up your dial, and give you 'the look' if you miss a beat - he knows your limits and will push until you hit them. 

Ed loves to keep up with the latest music so be prepared for top 50 in his rides. You'll be grooving and moving all 45 minutes long


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