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more than a FItness Studio

Inspire is an experience, changing your workout routine from a chore to the highlight of your day. A premium fitness studio delivering both Cycle and Boxing classes in a beat-based, choreographed & sensory stimulating environment that will challenge the body and the mind. 

Come for your body, stay for your mind. Inspire was founded on this principle. The classes are the 'hook', while the meditative effect and embedded community culture are the glue. 

Inspire is right for you if...

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You are passionate about being immersed in your own business.

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You lead a healthy lifestyle and believe in living a balanced, happy life. 

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You are a 'people person' who thrives on community and connection.

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Your opportunity

Inspire is a leader within the fitness industry, offering our Franchisees the opportunity to deliver a premium boutique experience through our proprietary business model.

The Franchise is modelled off our flagship Teneriffe studio (est. 2016) that provides class experiences to over 1500 people weekly across our world-class Cycle & Box formats.

Inspire's model has been researched and developed over 6 years, benchmarked against the best studios across the UK & US, and reshaped for the Australian market.

Inspire comes from the pioneers of nation-wide brand Jetts 24 Hour Fitness, bringing the next wave of boutique fitness to the Franchise space. 

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the journey to your inspire



  • Site selection support & landlord negotiations

  • Business planning & feasibility

  • Business induction & training

  • Key people recruitment & development (in HQ studio)



  • Planning & approvals

  • Builder negotiations

  • Fit-out planning & execution

  • Team recruitment & training (in HQ studio)

  • Pre-launch marketing campaign



  • Service delivery & client experience monitoring

  • KPI publishing & weekly review

  • Support in business plan execution

  • Team development & service delivery review



  • Re-planning & goal setting

  • Team development

  • Service development

  • Longer term planning

  • Growing your community & thriving

the inspire way



We run through a business viability & planning process with every Franchisee to create a viability plan with key drivers & targets to frame the business plan & budgeting process.

Viability plans are uniquely developed based on your site, budget, catchment demographics & goals. Our network of finance brokers can  help to leverage your capital with finance options.



It all starts with the space! Our expert team will help you assess & source the perfect Inspire site, helping you secure the best deal possible in a location that will work commercially

When the right location is found, we guide you through the process of negotiating, inspecting, securing and fitting out the site to make it the studio of your dreams!



It's all coming together now! We provide site build support & guidance from start to finish, from fit-out design through to studio completion, taking out all the guess work. 

Our team guides you through a stepped out process to ensure all steps are taken to get the space converted into an Inspire site fit for purpose, on time and on budget.

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You and your leadership team will undergo comprehensive training programs, including business immersion at HQ, to learn how to run a thriving Inspire studio, from the ground up!

Once your studio is operational, on-going support will be provided in the form of weekly reviews, key KPI tracking services, team development & software support.

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Work with our team to implement our proven sales and marketing systems to build awareness, bring clients into your studio and keep them coming back for more!


Learn how to immerse yourself within your local area & make Inspire an integral community hub. Receive ongoing retention marketing assistance & organic marketing plans.

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Our team will help you identify the key traits of successful Inspire instructors and front-of-house team members. This is the 'secret sauce' that ensures the Inspire experience is one of a kind.

All instructor training is carried out at HQ, with ongoing site-based support for continuous development & evolution. Guest instructors from our studios will strengthen your team.

brand recognition


InspireCycle was named a ClassPass Top Studio, and received ClassPass awards, recognising 4 of our world class instructors as Male and Female best instructors in Brisbane.


The MINDBODY Visionary Award was awarded to businesses who had an average monthly revenue in the top 30% of businesses using MINDBODY in 2018.

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