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Everything our Inspire Team raved about last month


The team brings your their favourite recommendations from May. From music, movies, restaurants, snacks and books, we've got you covered!



Rosmarino, Fortitude Valley - Holly

The interiors are beautiful, and the handmade pasta was to die for. They also have a nice courtyard if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the Valley!

Nonnas Nightmare, West End - Bec

Another Italian recommendation, but how can we not....

This cozy plant based Italian restaurant is perfect. Did we mention the hazelnut liquor infused tiramisu? Drool!

Miami Marketta, Gold Coast - Bec

If you feel like venturing out of the bubble for a night, Miama Marketta is perfect. An unfussy indoor/outdoor night market with live music, drinks, and a great vibe! Perfect for the weekend.


Love and Other Words, by Christina Lauren - Tyra

If you’re looking for something that focuses on old flames this one is for you (this is not a sign to go back to your toxic ex!) I’m only halfway through it but it’s so nicely written and hard to put down!

Available at your local bookshop or listen on Audible!


XO Kitty (if you’re a To All The Boys I've Loved Before fan) - Holly

Queen Charlotte - Holly

Both of these series are so binge-able, and available to stream on Netflix.

The Alpinist - Ariel

An incredible, jaw dropping documentary, also available to stream on Netflix.


A couple of cheeky purchases doesn't hurt right? Don't worry, we won't tell 😉

Zitstickas - Ariel

This one's quite niche, but zitstickas have changed my life! Especially these ones below. Put them on at night and in the morning pimple is legit gone.

These have been an absolute god send! It makes packing for your hot gal euro summer so much easier.

I did my PB just after buying these shoes. So comfortable and light at the same time.

The perfect post Inspire class treat 🤎

A beautiful woody, spicy, amber fragrance made for both men and women! It smells fu*king delicious - Ari

This has been a lifesaver for my morning routine. It cuts my hair drying time in half and leaves a nice flick at the end that I adore. It's especially great for thick or naturally curly hair when you need a powerful tool to straighten it out.


That's all for our May recommendations! We would love to see yours in the comments below 🤍.

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