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"Unleash your inner beast."

Born and raised in Wisconsin, US, Sarah moved to Australia in 2018 to follower her dream of becoming a Doctor. Now in her final year of medicine at UQ, Sarah has discovered a side hustle - teaching InspireBox! 

Sarah has been boxing for many years - she loves the focus and discipline it requires, and the total body strength it demands. Sarah believes boxing has helped her perform in all aspects of life and wants to help her boxers achieve confidence both physically and mentally.

Sarah believes in living a balanced life of healthy mind, body and soul. When not at the studio, you'll find Sarah at the hospital, at Inspire with her housemate and long-time rider, Rosie, or in bed.


Sarah's goal for the Rumble Room is to create a positive space where you can grow, and feel empowered. She's going to build your confidence, push your boundaries, and encourage you to push beyond your limits. You'll be craving the feeling of being unleashed in the Rumble Room! 

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