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"If it's worth doing,

it's worth doing well!"

Originally from SA, Scott started in the fitness business in 2002 and has taught everything from indoor cycling to dance. He was previously a Presenter and Trainer with some of Australia's leading fitness brands which gave him the opportunity to work with and develop instructors all around Australia. 

From his first Rhythm Riding experience it as love at first ride and he has made it his mission to deliver fun, energetic, motivating and banter-filled rides ever since!

Juggling a full time job on top of his passion of riding, he knows the importance of making time to switch off and focus on yourself. He believes that the right sound track can make or break a ride, and it is all about musical variety in class, playing everything from Top 40 tracks, dirty-late-night bangers, some alternative good-ness and plenty of Taylor Swift (obvs!) 

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