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Inspire is an experience, a space you enter to celebrate who you are and leave feeling stronger and happier than when you arrived. We are a premium fitness studio delivering both Cycle and Boxing classes in a beat-based, choreographed & sensory stimulating environment that will challenge the body and the mind. 

Come for your body, stay for your mind. Inspire was founded on this principle. The classes act as the 'hook', while the meditative effect, inspiration and embedded community culture are the glue. 

InspireCycle was named a ClassPass Top Studio, and received ClassPass awards, recognising 4 of our world class instructors as Male and Female best instructors in Brisbane.

The MINDBODY Visionary Award was awarded to businesses who had an average monthly revenue in the top 30% of businesses using MINDBODY in 2018.


frequently asked questions

I want a franchise - what is the next step?

Fill out the contact form and someone from the Inspire Team will reach out to you soon.

Will I receive training for an InspireCycle franchise?

The training team will be led Mark Stocks. Mark was a founding Director at Jetts 24 Hour Fitness and took that business from 0-100 Franchises in 5 years, winning BRW Fast Franchise award in 2011. Our aim is to grow one or multiple successful business for our Franchisees with world leading technology and support systems, combined with active hands on leadership and management support.

Is an InspireCycle franchise the right opportunity for me?

If you are passionate about mindfulness, achieving financial independence, helping others achieve a happier and healthier lifestyle while having a ton of fun doing it, then InspireCycle may be the right choice for you. We look for people who take a hands-on approach to managing their business and also stay involved in their local community.

How much does an InspireCycle franchise cost?

Your investment level will range based on urban vs. rural store, size of location, and structural cost. Fill out contact information with as many specifics as possible, and we can start the conversation. The Inspire model is in two formats, Cycle only or combined Cycle and Box. The format and location chosen will be tailored to each potential franchisee and their own investment and lifestyle guidelines.

How much money can I make?

The business model is generated around a low capital, high return on capital model, based on a 2-3 year growth model before peaking at capacity. Returns will vary based on site selection, strategy execution, and business capability, however generally returns will be very competitive against other fitness and franchise models. The team at Inspire can step you through each concept in a comprehensive model that details investment, returns, drivers and risks.

Are there opportunities to acquire multiple InspireCycle franchises?

Absolutely. We are in the early stages of Franchise roll out and see a good upside and long runway for the boutique franchise concept. There are great opportunities to select sites and build out clusters of sites in the medium term. Our goal is to grow a strong franchise network through a small number of high performing multiple site Franchisees. The model works well and can allow the first clubs to fund the next and so on.

What is the availability of securing a site in my area?

We are committed to rolling out the Inspire boutique franchise concept strategically throughout South East QLD, then building out the greater Sydney area in 2021 before rolling more widely in 2022 & 2023.

Do I need to have a background in fitness?

No, a back ground in fitness is not necessary. However a passion for fitness, a healthy lifestyle and a drive to succeed will get you far. For us at Inspire, a key ingredient in our joint success is a meeting of values between us, our team and any prospective franchisee. This is a deep two-way partnership and we assess you as much as you assess us.

What is the InspireCycle Franchise model?

We have two Inspire franchise models. Model 1: 260m2 InspireCycle only - Allows a lower level of investment, ideal for suburban or regional locations Model 2: 480m2 InspireCycle & Box combined – this offer is ideally suited for more highly populated urban areas.

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