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It's not just a workout, it's a way of life 🙏


The high-energy music, the dimly lit room, and the adrenaline rush of pushing yourself to the limit either on that bike or on the bag - it's addictive.

If you find yourself constantly counting down the days (or hours) until your next class and planning your schedule around your Inspire sessions, you might just be obsessed. Here are 6 confessions that may sound all too familiar if you're a true Inspire addict.


1. You Know All the Instructors by Name

You've taken classes with all the instructors at our studio, and you know each ones style, favourite playlist, and motivational cues. You may even have a favourite instructor, and you're not ashamed to admit that you've stalked them on social media (probably more than once 😅) to learn more about their spin philosophy and also to stay up to date with their class times.

2. Your Closet Is Full of Activewear

You own more leggings, sports bras, and tank tops than regular clothes, and you can spot other Inspire addicts in public.... maybe even in Inspire merch (it looks good on you 😉). You may have even splurged on some fancy activewear recently because, hey, you deserve to look good while you're working out, right?

3. You Can't Stop Talking About Us

You've become that person who can't stop raving about Inspire to anyone who will listen. You've converted your friends, family, and coworkers into spin or box enthusiasts, and you can talk for hours about the benefits of your favourite workout or class type, the different class formats, and the sense of community you feel in the studio.

4. You Plan Your Week Around Your Inspire Classes:

Your calendar revolves around your Inspire classes. You schedule your work, social activities, and even your sleep around your spin sessions. You're willing to wake up before dawn or stay up late just to secure a spot in your favourite class, and you've been known to rearrange your entire day just to make it to a last-minute theme ride spot that opened up 🤷‍♀️.

5. You Sing Along to the Music... even if you don't know all the words

The catchy beats and empowering lyrics of any and every Inspire playlist has become ingrained in your head, and you can't help but sing along during class. You've even caught yourself humming or dancing in class, and you're not ashamed to admit that you've created your own spin playlist on Spotify to keep the motivation going outside of the studio.

Follow Inspire's Spotify account to stay up-to-date with all of your Instructors favourite tunes.

6. You've Made Friends with Fellow Inspire Addicts

The sense of community in the Inspire studio is one of the reasons why you're so hooked. You've made friends with other regulars, and you've formed a bond with them over your shared love for spin or for boxing. You may have even planned group catch-ups outside of the studio... your bond is just that strong!

Plus who else would want to talk about last weeks Taylor Swift theme ride and Scott's perfectly executed knee slides more?


If you can relate to these confessions, you're likely a true Inspire addict. But hey, there's no shame in being obsessed with your workout... Inspire has become a lifestyle for you, and you embrace it wholeheartedly. So keep hitting that bag, pedalling on the bike, singing along to the music, and making friends with fellow addicts - after all, Inspire's more than just a workout. See you in the studio x

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