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Read on to find out what our Inspire instructors tips to improve your basic boxing technique. From your Boxing stance, to the 3 basic punches, you'll be moving like a pro in the Rumble Room in no time!


1. The Perfect Stance

If you're a right-hand fighter, you’re going to start off your stance by taking one step back with your right foot. If you're a left-hand fighter, you’re going to move your left foot back.

Make sure your hips are square, your elbows are tucked in tightly by your side, and your knees are softened.

Lastly, you want to make sure your hands and gloves are up in front of your face protecting your best asset at all times!

2. Executing the Jab/Cross

Before we start our jab combo, you want to make sure you're starting with your 'perfect stance' that we nailed in point one.

The jab cross is a two-step combo, that starts with the jab.

To jab, use your non-dominant hand to punch straight ahead. When you throw this punch, you want your arm to be fully extended from the side of your torso. At the same time you’re extending your non-dominant hand, you want to make sure that you also step towards the bag with your non-dominant foot.

You’re now ready to add the second step to your combo. The jab has set you up perfectly to drive your ‘cross’ home.

To initiate the cross, rotate your dominant knee in as you shoot your dominant arm out. You want to rotate your body slightly to ensure you’re getting as much force behind your punch as possible. Make sure to keep your punch nice and tight as you make impact with the bag.

"Knuckles to bag", as we like to say!

3. Throwing a Hook

Again, we're starting with our 'perfect stance'. We know it’s a bit repetitive, but this ensures you’re starting with the best technique possible!

This time you want to be standing as little closer to the bag (about 1 step closer than you were for your jab/cross combo).

Start by bringing your throwing arm up to 90 degrees. Remember to keep your other hand up protecting your face. Using the force of your whole body (remember keeps those ab muscles nice and tight!) rotate about 45 degrees and extend your arm into the side of the bag.

Once you’ve made impact with the bag, come back to your 'perfect stance' and get ready to throw a hook with your other arm. Again, you want to make sure that the hand not punching is up protecting your face.

4. Mastering the Uppercut

You already know what we're going to say... start with that perfect stance.

To begin the sequence, bring your elbows in close to your body.

This sequence starts by dipping your shoulder into your front leg. If you're punching with your right hand, dip your left shoulder towards your right knee. If you're punching with your left, dip your right shoulder towards your left knee.

Then, as smoothly as possible, use your weight to 'pop' out of this crunched position, and drive your punching fist into the belly of the bag.

Think: Drop, pop and reset!

You want to make sure that you’re quickly resetting in between each punch to ensure the best technique and drive.


Now that you know how to fight like a pro, we would love to see you in the studio!

Click here to see our timetable for upcoming classes.

If you have any questions for our instructors they are always keen to have a chat before or after class! We promise they don't bite ☺️.

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