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It's been a long time coming, and Melbourne, we're SO ready! Meet the owners of Inspire Cycle Box Richmond, and mark July 15 in your calendars STAT!


There’s nothing better than a community of people moving together in a dark room and making MAGIC. Oh wait. Make that 2 communities!

Inspire, we've made our mark in Brisbane, and now Melbourne, it's your turn to join the movement. With United Ride owner, Melissa Nixon, and International Boxing Coach, Josh Adams, we're bringing the United Ride and Inspire Cycle Box communities together to create something incredible. Strong alone, STRONGER TOGETHER.

Get ready for next level energy, inspiration, and of course, all the good vibes!

The new Inspire space (United Ride's current studio!) nestled in the heart of Swan Street in Richmond, will be undergoing an exciting transformation and bringing you a whole new way to move. The Cycle workout you know and love led by Mel and the team, meets Josh and the InspireBox workout tried, tested and LOVED, by our Brisbane community!

Co-owner's Mel, Josh, and Daniel are here to give us all the details. We delved into their plans for the upcoming launch and got a glimpse of their unwavering passion for fitness!



You may recognise Mel from her Brisbane visit this weekend (if all the pieces are now coming together, we're with you 😉), and if you were lucky enough to make it into her class, you know what the hype is about! As Co-Owner of United Ride, Mel's passion for spin earned her ClassPass's Fitness Instructor of the Year in 2021, sharing the spotlight with our very own Ariel Kaplan, and InspireBox Melbourne co-owner, Josh Adams. Mel is ready to take the lead as owner of InspireCycle Richmond, and we can't wait to have her on board!

Mel, what are you most excited about, embarking on this new journey with Inspire?

Putting my community first has always been my priority, and joining the Inspire family allows me to expand the possibilities for my clients! I'm particularly thrilled that they can now be part of a larger community that crosses state boarders. It's incredible to think that when they go on vacation in Brisbane (or any other future cities home to an Inspire studio), they can simply show up for a workout and instantly feel at home. The sense of belonging and familiarity across different locations is something I find truly exciting and fulfilling.

Why is Inspire Richmond going to be a game-changer in the Melbourne fitness community?

We understand the intimidation that can come with starting at a gym or studio... but we're here to ease those worries! Inclusively is at the heart of EVERYTHING we do. Whether you're a seasoned spin enthusiast or new to the fitness scene, we'll provide options that cater to your needs, allowing you to push yourself or show kindness to your body - whatever feels best for you!

We're going to have more guest instructors, exciting combo membership options for those who want to challenge themselves in Inspire Box - and these classes can be used across both the Melbourne and Brisbane studio (and any other future Inspire studios)! But what truly sets us apart is the same as Inspire Teneriffe - our community!

Can you give us a sneak peek into the design and atmosphere? What can new members expect when they walk through the door?

As you walk up the stairs, a sense of anticipation builds—an excellent pre-warm-up in itself 💪😂! Upon entering, you'll be greeted by a beautiful light-filled space, and a warm welcome from our friendly front desk team. If it's your first visit, rest assured that someone will eagerly step forward to guide you through the process! We'll help you set up and I can guarantee all the regulars will be there to cheer you on through your first class. I'd sum up the entire experience like a warm hug!

What helps you get through a tough class?

As an instructor I’ll demand my team to SHOW ME what they've got! I always rely on my fellow riders, team camaraderie, and crazy beats to take me to the next level and push through a hard class.



Josh and Dan are our Inspire Box dream team! Combining Josh's passion and knowledge for Boxing (and ClassPass Award Winning Instructor skills!) with Daniel's love for fitness and business know-how, these guys will make your InspireBox Melbourne experience a true knock-out. Stay for your mind is a catch-phrase we're known for that Josh and Daniel live and breathe, valuing movement as a remedy for coping with stress and the demands of everyday life.

What inspired you to delve into the world of boxing and fitness?

The driving force behind our venture into boxing and fitness is our firm belief in the interplay between a healthy body and a healthy mind. I have come to understand that nurturing both aspects is essential to thrive in the demanding realm of life. By maintaining our physical well-being, we find ourselves better equipped to tackle the challenges and demands that come our way, which is why we were drawn to Inspire!

Dan, can you share a little about your background in the fitness industry and how your passion for boxing developed?

My journey in the fitness industry began with a strong foundation rooted in sports, which cultivated my passion for training. Over the past decade, I have immersed myself in the world of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. It is through this dedication that my love for boxing and strength training flourished. I have discovered that boxing not only delivers an invigorating workout but also serves as an empowering way to kickstart my day!

What is your vision for Inspire Box Richmond?

Our vision is to create an exceptional fitness experience that goes beyond a brilliant workout. We envision a thriving community where members come together, support one another, and push their boundaries to achieve their goals. Bonus - after an energising session at Inspire Box, members can look forward to immersing themselves in the best coffee district of Melbourne!

Favourite motivational quote/mantra to get you through a tough class?

You never finish what you never start.

Favourite spot to eat in Richmond? (You already know we need a new post class dinner spot 😉)

The New Pizza Farro... right underneath us!


We are thrilled to introduce you to the new owners of Inspire Cycle and Box Richmond. With their passion, expertise, and unwavering love of fitness, they are set to lead the charge in creating an INSPIRING experience for the Richmond community.

As the opening of Inspire Richmond on July 15th approaches, we invite you to be part of this exciting new chapter. Pre-sales begin June 15th. Get ready to embrace the energy, inspiration, and transformation that awaits at Inspire Cycle and Box Richmond!

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