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"What a ride (pun intended)! I can’t believe that Inspire is turning 6. It feels like only yesterday that we began fine tuning the concept from its conception in our cottage in Palmwoods to the final lick of paint in the studio."

Pictured: The waiting room and Cycle Studio before

A lot of soul searching, research and planning has gone into the creation of Inspire Cycle Box as it stands today. When I look back at the photos of the empty shell and reminisce about the work that was involved in creating the studio, it blows my mind.

Pictured: Bathrooms and Boxing Studio before

From the fit-out stage, to the sourcing of bikes and shoes, not to mention the building of an amazing team. It was a massive undertaking. I look back and smile when I think about our early days of instructor training at our home on the Sunshine Coast.

Pictured: Our first instructor training session in our make-shift studio at home on the Sunshine Coast

When the doors finally opened 6 years ago, I remember praying that people would come and sweat with us. Teneriffe was not what it is today and we had very little passing foot traffic - sometimes we would only get 1 or 2 people to a class. We were the first rhythm riding studio in Australia at the time, and we had our work cut out for us when it came to marketing - traditional RPM had scared a lot of people off spin.

The more recent addition of InspireBox 2 years ago has completed our studio. We love the vibe that it brings, and the way it perfectly compliments our InspireCycle offering. Our two concepts are like no other exercise experience.

6 years on, and we have a thriving community who have all embraced the Inspire experience. We could have only dreamed of having waitlisted classes, and now had over 150 people on the class list to celebrate our birthday with us. Inspire has evolved so much since its very beginnings. I am sure it will continue to evolve as we learn and grow.

We can't thank the amazing Inspire team enough for what they each uniquely bring to the studio: Alex, Ariel, Bec, Charli, Dom, Ed, Elle, Eloise, Georgia, Grace, Hamish, Holly, JK, Josie, Luke, Rosie, Scott, Sylvie, Theresa, Tiffany and Tyra (plus of course, our OG Cycle instructor, Jake, and OG Box instructor, Casey who recently started new adventures!)

And to our Inspire Family (especially those who have been there from the very start in 2016): What I hope you will take away from the studio is an opportunity to dedicate an hour of your time to you. To feel empowered, inspired and supported when a whole class works out as one, an unbeatable force. More than anything, I hope that your Inspire experience nourishes your body, mind and soul and that you enjoy the journey as much as we have in creating it.


Love & Light,

Kate Stocks

Inspire Founder

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