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11 Instructors. 15 Classes. 30 Days. Are you up for the challenge?

30 January - 27 February


Here's everything you need to know.


30 January - 27 February


We're calling it Fit February. Complete a class with every InspireCycle and InspireBox instructor to hit BINGO (and score a little treat!) Choose your challenge: InspireCycle, InspireBox or BOTH!

Download the Bingo cards below, or screenshot in our Instagram highlights!


It's you, me and 11 of our motivating and energising instructors! Move with Ed, Josie, Luke, Christian, Sophia, Scott, Theresa, Jonte, Alex, Cami, and our newcomer, Esther!


Because when we move together, we create magic! We move to feel good, feel alive and feel connected. All of our instructors bring their unique style to their classes, and there's nothing better than finding a few (or 11!) new favourites.


It's as simple as that! If you have any questions about February Bingo please make sure to reach out to our friendly reception team, or you can always send us a message on Instagram @inspirecycle!

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