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We're so excited to introduce Frankie to the Richmond Box team.

Her FREE Community Box is on Friday 5th July @ 9:15am (booking link is below!)

Can you tell us a little bit about your fitness background, and how you got started at Inspire/in BOX? 

I became a PT when I was 18 so have always had a passion for fitness and the industry. Now, 12 years on (yup, those dirty thirties have begun!)

I have narrowed my niche down to boxing, strength and conditioning. I competed in my first fight two years ago and since then, I’ve been coaching people in the boxing realm ever since! I am so passionate about boxing, it’s like water to me - I cannot live without it!

What’s one thing we might be surprised to learn about you?

I auditioned for X Factor when I was 16…they said Y…NOOOO! 

What can we expect from your class?

You can expect some mild squat jump chaos, but a lot of technique and purpose driven exercises. Boxing will be very energetic and my passion will shine through in this, as well as when we are doing our lifts.

What are you inspired by? 

I am inspired by strong people within the fitness realm, especially boxing. I look up to the likes of Katie Taylor who has paved the way for women’s boxing, especially her humble and gentle approach. My Dad is also a massive inspiration for me. He started from absolutely nothing and grew into an extremely prominent figure in society, starting as a mental health nurse when he was 21, to then opening multiple care homes helping multiple vulnerable adults with complex needs and disabilities and taking amazing care of them and their families. His kindness and passion is what led him to greatness in business, family and social life.

What do you love about BOX?

I love that you can never be the best at boxing, there is always something to work on and the truth is, you might not ever get it! But enjoy the process. I love the Inspire programme because there are zero egos. Anyone can come and box and as they should!

Best piece of advice you’ve received on your fitness journey?

If you are an honest and trustworthy person in fitness, then you will be a successful coach. 


Favourite time of day to work out? 

5am club! Sorry!!

Climb or sprint?

Sprint of course!

A goal for 2024?

Meet some epic people to go for sea dips with, as well as continuing to up my boxing arsenal and skills.

Go-to pump up song/artist?

Chase and Status (DnB all the way!)

Guilty Pleasure? 

Almond croissants... Baker D. Chirico in Carlton is a winner!


Get around her + book a class with her this month!

Book in to Frankie's Community Class here ✔️

Don't forget to follow Frankie on Instagram — @frankiepettspt

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