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Strong girl summer is here to stay!


Bootcamp is the latest class to meet the Inspire timetable, and it has not disappointed!

In this class, you'll come face to face with Y-Bells, resistance bands and benches. The goal is to ensure that you target your whole body and improve your strength and endurance.

Strength training is one of the top predicted fitness trends for 2023-2025, and you don't want to be late to this party!

Here are 5 reasons why you want to jump on the trend early....


1. Improve your functional fitness

First of all, what is functional fitness? Functional fitness refers to the strength you need for everyday movements and activities. Consider balance, coordination, power, range of motion and mobility. Basically, in strength training, we can replicate and grow strength in areas of movements that simulate common movements that you would do at home, at work or in extracurricular activities!

Some exercises we include in Inspire Box and Strength that help improve functional fitness are jumps, lunges, squats, bench press, rows, pushups, and so much more!

2. Promotes greater mobility and flexibility

We were also surprised to hear this one, but surprisingly strength training increases your joint range of motion and therefore increases your overall mobility, and even potentially flexibility.

Heavy eccentric movements, such as lowering and lifting, can actually influence the structure of muscle fibres to a degree that simple stretching can't do. Time to get strong and flexible 💪.

Check out how our first strength class went here ^

3. Tone time

They say strength and tone go hand in hand for a reason! Building muscle is a great way to show off all the hard work you've been putting into classes.

Cardio training requires high energy exertion, but strength training, which requires movements and exercises with weights, increases this energy exertion and contributes to increased muscle size and visible tone.

4. Improved mood and energy levels

All movement helps increase your energy and mood levels, because we are increasing endorphins. Strength training also fits perfectly into this category, but it has also been suggested that it improves brain health, increases the connection between mind and body (very Inspire-esque) and reduces stress and anxiety levels.

Additionally, strength training is recommended to help with sleep! Think of how much energy you exert in a class - you will definitely sleep well afterwards!

5. Cardiovascular benefits

Paired with aerobic exercise, such as cycle, strength training, can be extremely beneficial! Strength training can increase heart rate function, which means that you are more likely to withstand heavier and harder workouts (hello 5 minute sprints 😅)!


So, are you interested in trying out our Bootcamp classes? We know you are!

Check out the timetable here for how you can book.

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