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Everything you need to know to start kicking those 2023 goals


Hello 2023! We're ready for you.

I don't know about you, but at the studio, we're feeling refreshed and ready to keep kicking goals this year.

If you're new to Inspire we can't wait to meet you and help you get your sweat on; either rhythm riding in the cycle room or boxing in the Rumble room!

We know that starting anything new can be intimidating, so we're here to take out the guess-work, and give you a run down on what to expect at every Inspire class!

We'll cover why we love each class, so that you can pick a workout that feels right for you and your goals!



The most fun you'll ever have exercising. We already know it's going to be love at first ride 🤍!

All of our cycle classes are beat-based, and choreographed (think dancing on the bike - this is half the reason class is so fun 🕺).

Our bikes don't have metric systems, and never will - there'll be none of that scoreboard shaming here! We believe all exercise should focus on how moving makes you feel, not how many calories you've burnt. Our classes are about you, not what your neighbour is doing.

We provide cleated shoes for your class free of charge. All you need to bring is a sweat towel and a water bottle! Find out more about our cycle classes here, and try your first class free!

1. Signature Cycle

Our Signature 45-minute class gives you a full-body cardio workout. Our signature classes have a mixture of climbs (strength), jogs (endurance), and sprints (cardio) to make sure you get a great mix of training.

Our Signature Cycle is a great one to book for your first time at the studio!

2. Hour of Power

Offered twice a week, our Hour of Power isn't designed for the faint hearted! An extra 15 minutes of class time allows you to push your limits and discover what you're truly capable of.

Like Signature Cycle, The Hour of Power also has an even makeup of climbs (strength), jogs (endurance), and sprints (cardio) to make sure you're getting that balanced full body workout!

3. Inspire Strength

Inspire Strength differs from our other cycle classes as this ride is about getting HEAVY! This class can feature additional weights tracks, more resistance throughout the class, and heavier climbs, to make sure that your muscles are burning.

We love to recommend Inspire Strength for our beginners, as climbing can be a great way to get a feel for the beat. If you're looking to get strong in 2023, this is the class for you!

4. Inspire 90

Our once a month special, Inspire 90 is designed for our die-hard riders who want to double up. We recommend that riders who want to attend this class have experience with our Signature Cycle class as well as our Hour of Power.


We swear, you'll be hooked 🥊!

Our boxing classes are electric ⚡️ and bring all of that badass energy that you need to conquer 2023.

Each person has their own aqua bag (that's right, no pad work!) , and we provide the boxing gloves for you!

All you need to bring is closed in shoes, a sweat towel, and water bottle! Like we said, we provide boxing gloves for you, but you must BYO boxing wraps for safety and hygiene. Quick wraps can be purchased at reception before your class for $20. Find out more about our boxing classes here and try your first InspireBox free.

1. Signature Box

Our signature boxing class guides you through a 45-minute workout, which is split between killer bag combos interspersed with full body strength and conditioning exercises. This class uses Y-Bells and other easy-to-use equipment to focus on full body exercises and bring some additional burn and tone to your training routine.

If you haven't had a lot of experience with this type of exercise, this is a great place to start! Our instructors demonstrate and guide you through each exercise and the technique with smaller classes of 18.


This class is your one stop shop if you're looking to build strength in 2023!

Want to get your functional exercise in, but aren't too sure about the bag? This one is for you! Our no-Box, strength-only class uses the same equipment as in our Signature Box (think Y-Bells, benches, resistance bands) minus the bag work.

This class will guide you through a series of work blocks designed to increase strength, endurance and overall fitness.

Our instructor's progressions make the class accessible for everyone regardless of their previous experience!

3. Empower Hour

Our once a week special, bringing you that extra 15 minutes of work and inspiration! This class follows the same format as our signature box, with just a little more time for you to let it all out on the bag.

4. Box + Booty

Ready to get peachy like Kim K? This ones for you!

This class differs from our signature class by using equipment and exercises that specifically target your glutes, for that extra booty burn! Classes occasionally use booty bands to get deeper into the exercises and movement.


So... are you feeling ready to kick your 2023 goals?

We're ready and waiting for you!

No strings attached, your first class is on us! Want to try a couple of different classes? Our 5 for $50 intro pack is perfect for you.

Don't forget to head over to our Instagram @inspirecycle to meet the team and catch all the in-class and behind scenes footage.

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