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Starting in May, we're starting to dedicate different days to specific muscle groups! We've asked Alex to explain a little further and why it's going to be effective for your training 😍

Why is a training split important?

The training split is super important so that we can help recover the muscles worked. Splitting up the different muscle groups worked helps to give your body enough time to recover in between workouts whilst also helping us to be able to lift a heavier weight or push a little further knowing that we won’t have the same exercises in the next day. Some other benefits include knowing the type of workout you will be walking into that day and being able to choose the days you are training around the split to get a full body workout.

What is the new training split?

The new training split is something that we have been wanting to do for so long and so excited to bring it into the Rumble Room.

We are dedicating specific days to target specific muscle groups, for example:

Monday’s and Thursday’s we will focus primarily on your upper body in the strength rounds helping target the anterior and posterior chain on our body’s to help with our boxing technique and our posture as well.

Tuesday’s and Friday’s are for the lower body and booty gains. We will use booty bands and the weights in the room to help strengthen the lower body and feel that burn.

Wednesday’s and weekends are for the full body; we will have a mix of slower state strength and HIIT training to make sure no day ever feels the same.


What if I have an injury?

Another benefit of working the specific muscle groups is that the exercises won’t be over complicated, so it gives us flexibility to be able to work with you to adapt the workout.  Please let your coach know so we are able to adjust the exercises and help you feel confident you are still getting an amazing workout every single time.  




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