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Digital Detoxing - why is it so important?

Ok, let's not talk about the trauma of the November 8th Optus Outage... but it did make us think about how our lives are completely interconnected with technology + the internet. It's the digital detox we were made to have, so why should we look at digital detoxing for real?

We are all guilty at times for being attached to the hip with our phones, and they happen to be the root of most of our problems - feeling overwhelmed, anxious and not being able to connect with our friends + family in person. Research shows that excessive technology use can contribute to technology addiction, social isolation, disrupted sleep, and impaired emotional and social intelligence (read more here). If you are looking for ways to switch off, say no more — we have some tips for you!

Take periodic breaks from technology

Going cold turkey on technology would be ideal, but so unrealistic.

Start off with taking an afternoon without touching your phone, and week by week increase it an extra hour until it turns into a full day. Airplane Mode and Do Not Disturb

will be your bestie! Really take advantage of your time away from your screen by falling in love again with reading, going for a walk in nature, seeing friends or hobbies

that nourish your soul.

Delete distracting apps

Hi TikTok, Insta and Facebook Marketplace (my guilty pleasure!).

Doomscrolling is the worst—we only do it for that hit of serotonin boost until we realise it's 1 am and we've been scrolling for hours. Delete the app for the weekend or log out of it to control any urges you may have. Turning off push notifications for these apps is super handy too. Do we really need that notification for when our fave celeb does an Instagram live?

Let’s be real, no one does those anymore!


Have no technology zones in your household

This is a fun one - choose one room in your house where your phone or computer will not go. If you’re looking for something easy, the bathroom is a great one to start with — I know some of you are nasty, so let's get the phone out of the germ zone! The bedroom is another alternative to use as a

no-technology — this will help start the first few minutes of your day not scrolling through notifications, as well as unwinding before bedtime

(no doom scrolling here!)

Let's get moving!

Ummm... hello Inspire duh! All we want is to be a sanctuary for you; for all of you to decompress and have time for YOU!

This is a great way to start your journey with digital detoxing - leave your phone in your locker, turn off notifications on your watch and spend 45 minutes appreciating yourself and how powerful you are. That post-workout high will 100% replace the craving you have for screen time!



The dream is to wake up and think "Oh yeah, today's the day I delete Instagram" but that's just not going to happen.

Any downtime is a good time and we're proud of you for that!

Logging off now... TTYL

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