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They've only been gone 4 months, but it feels like so much longer!

We thought it would be fun to check in and see what our F.O.H couple has been up to since they have continued their international diving careers!

A teaser...

"We are both happy to say that last week we qualified to compete in the World Championships!"

What's the best part about life in Melbourne?

That's a tough one... Probably just getting to know and live in a new city! Obviously, returning to diving has also been great and we are so excited to be back competing and travelling in the coming months.

How cold is the pool in Melbourne really?

Freezing. Actually so so cold.

What are you missing the most about Brisbane?

It's hard to be away from family and friends sometimes (and obviously the Inspire community!), but we are so grateful to still feel all of the love and support from a far!

But really there are a couple of staples we miss... Bare Naked Bowls and P'Nut Street Noodles (they don't have any in Melbourne)! What can we say, we're foodies 😂

Always finding a pup to steal for the day ^

Favourite Melbourne experience? (Besides dinner with the Stocks')

Definitely a hard experience to top... and I don't know if we can! For anyone visiting Melbourne wanting a fancy feed, Society in the CBD is definitely a must-visit (thank you Kate and Mark for dinner)!

In addition to dinner, attending our first AFL game at the MCG was such a cool Melbourne experience and something we won't forget.

If you could only recommend 1 thing to do/place to go where would it be?

That's so tough! There are so many great things to do in Melbourne. We don't think we can give you just 1, so we'll give you a few...

  1. Take a drive down St George st in Toorak - the houses (mansions) are insanely beautiful to look at

  2. Have dinner at Firebird. They are an insanely delicious Asian & Vietnamese restaurant in Prahran.

  3. Visit any of the markets, there are so many to choose from; South Melbourne, Camberwell, Fitzroy, or Prahran!

  4. Go to a footy game at the MCG

  5. Take a drive to the Mornington Peninsula and visit the hot springs!

What is the ultimate goal for your diving careers?

Our goal is to hopefully represent Australia at the 2024 Paris Olympic Games. Everyone, keep all of your fingers and toes crossed!

What's happening in the Diving world and what do you guys have coming up?

This week we are jetting off to Calgary, in Canada, for a Grand Prix competition. Next week we head to Toronto for a 7 day training camp, and then straight to Budapest for the FINA World Championships. We have a pretty jam packed month coming up, but we couldn't be more excited!

Is there anywhere we can tune in and cheer you on virtually?

Usually all of the international competitions are live streamed on the FINA app, which can be downloaded from the app store ☺️

What is the best/worst part about your partner being in the same sport?

Having to see each other ALL THE TIME!

We don't really mind though 😉, lucky we enjoy each others company!

Do either of you turn into a bit of a backseat coach?

Dom's reluctant to answer that one.... haha!

What is a typical day in your life during training?

It looks different depending on where we are in the competition season. At the moment, we are physically training 5.5 hours a day which is split into two sessions (1 in the a.m and 1 in the p.m). On top of that there is important maintenance for our bodies and minds including; physiotherapy, massage, psychology, and nutrition. The days are pretty jam packed, but we make sure to always prioritise ourselves and to rest when we need it!

When travelling to compete, what do you usually get up to?

We usually don't get a lot of time to explore and mainly commute between the hotel and the diving pool! When we have a rest day we always make it a priority to head out and explore whatever city we are in!

Thoughts on an Instagram takeover/live from Canada?

Maybe we should poll this one on the IC Instagram stories.... comment below if you'd like to see us do an Instagram takeover!


You heard them! Comment below or drop into our social messages if you want to see Dom and Georgia do an Instagram takeover this week. We wish them the bets of luck over the next couple of months!

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