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In honour of International Women's Day, the ladies of Inspire share the best advice they received from a woman in their life, and the quotes they live by. Share you advice with us in the comments ✨👸



Inspire Founder

"It’s important to be yourself."

Don’t try to change to fit a mould that you think is acceptable - In the long term, it’s your difference and uniqueness that makes you stand out. Embrace your superpower, have fun, laugh often, and enjoy the ride.


Master Boxing Trainer

“The hardest thing to do is leave your comfort zone, but you have to let go of the life you're familiar with & take the risk to live the life you dream of”.

This advice was given to me right before my partner and I moved interstate and left our family & friends in Melbourne. It was the scariest, most unfamiliar decision we had ever made, and it is something that has changed me entirely. I am so grateful for that push when I needed it. We can’t stay stuck in one place and expect to grow – and that is exactly why I love stepping out of my comfort zone day in and day out when the opportunity arises.


Brand Manager

Someone once shared with me the quote “You’re the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.”

While I don’t necessarily believe it is limited to only 5 people, I totally believe that who you invest your time in matters more than almost anything, and does shape who you are. It taught me that you don’t need to be friends with or liked by everyone, because quality wins over quantity every time. Every day, I make a conscious choice to spend my time with people who inspire me, make me happy and have qualities I admire (working at Inspire makes this easy)!


Cycle Instructor

A quote that one of my friends shared with me about 10 years ago has always stuck with me: “Comparison is the thief of joy.”

It made me realise that if we spend our lives worrying about what everyone else is doing and how we measure up to that, we will never feel content within ourselves. There is always going to be someone accomplishing something you aspire to, but instead of comparing yourself to them, choose to celebrate their success and be inspired by them to reach your goals. You are enough, just the way you are.


Studio Operations Manager

“Treat others as you would like to be treated.”

We’ve all heard it before, but having it as an everyday practice can be challenging. People aren’t always the easiest to get along with.

Sometimes it can be hard to be the bigger person - but that’s where you find personal growth. I’ve learnt (as hard as it may be) to shrug off things you don’t agree with — instead come up with a saying and use it every time you’re going to say something negative about someone. For me, it’s “good luck” or “it’s all good” — it mitigates saying anything negative aloud and changes the way you think about uncomfortable situations.


Front of House

“Don’t spend more than five minutes worrying about something that won’t matter in five years.”

My granny told me about this rule known as the 5x5 rule. Now if something makes me stressed, I always ask myself if what I’m worried about will matter in five years time. If the answer is yes, I’m allowed to worry, but if the answer is no, I give myself five minutes to feel stressed, then move on. Most of the time, the answer is no.


Cycle Instructor

“When you have a decision to make, and you don’t know what to choose, choose the option that scares you the most – because that’s the one that’s going to help you grow.”



“You can’t pour from an empty cup.”

Looking after yourself as a first priority is not selfish. There is so much power in rest and self-care. When I take the time to look after myself and my mental wellbeing, I have more love and engagement to share with the people around me.


Front of House

The best piece of advice I received is from my beautiful parents: “Don’t worry about things you can’t control.”

Something they remind me of frequently. As someone who is probably a bit too much of a type A for my own good, this really helps me to focus my time and energy on changing things I can control - whether that’s just to do with work, friendships, health etc. Another quote my mother uses that I wish was perhaps more widely known - “Humility isn’t thinking less of yourself but thinking of yourself less.”


Cycle Instructor

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Growing up as a young girl dancing, I used to look up to a guest teacher and choreographer who visited our tiny studio once a year. She had learnt to dance from our studio (years before my time) and lived overseas to work and perform. She would visit our studio to host workshops and choreography solos and group dances. I remember the first time I met her - I immediately felt electricity up my spine. I still remember the power of her presence. The whole time I felt her warmth, wisdom, compassion, her belief in us, and her belief in me - she had incredible and positive energy. She shared with us this Maya Angelou quote. This totally resonated with me. From that day as a 12-year-old girl, I vowed that I would try to cultivate that kind of presence that she had shown to me - to empower people, to move people, to see the good in people, and to leave people better than when you found them.


Front of House
“You are not responsible for the version of yourself that exists in other people’s minds.”

The transformation of you as a person is something that can only be actioned by you. Start shifting your mindset, put yourself first, we are so much more than we give ourselves credit for.


Cycle Instructor
“Recovery is full of ups and downs. There is no such thing as a linear life. But, you can always turn your setbacks into setups to come back stronger."

This was probably the best advice I got last year during recovery when I was dealing with horrible ASD and anxiety from my surgery.


Front of House

“At the end of the day you’ll never be able to impress everyone, so live your life authentically, spontaneously and uniquely, the way you want to! Stand up for yourself first always.”


Cycle Instructor

“Comparison is the enemy of happiness”

It’s far too easy to compare yourself to others, I always try to remind myself of this quote.


Front of House

When you start taking care of yourself, you start feeling better, you start looking better and you start to attract better. It all starts from within!


We'd love to hear your advice in the comments. Happy IWD!

Love & Light,

The Ladies Of Inspire x

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