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Get to know your Instructors - Teneriffe

Say hello to Caitlin!

You've probably seen her smiling/singing along in the front row in class ever day, or maybe you've seen her team-teaching with our Cycle team these last few weeks 🤍... Caitlin is READY to take the podium by storm in her first solo debut!

She's an endurance queen, who loves a jog (or 5), and will be your ultimate hype girl! Her combination of Pop, RnB, Throwback, and House music will have you grooving all class long, while feeling strong and empowered.

Get to know Caitlin below...

Caitlin, tell us a little bit about you!

I’m 23 years old, and moved to Brisbane from Sydney 5 years ago. I am in my final semester (yay!) of University, studying a Bachelor of Social Work with Honours.

I love to keep busy! Outside of instructing at Inspire, I work at a local Jewellery store (hello, By Baby - our favourite 😍), and am completing my final placement as an Alcohol and other Drugs Counsellor, which I absolutely love!

You can pretty much always find me out and about in Teneriffe. I am either training at the studio (literally everyday), at Salt, or on James Street. And of course, hanging with my best friends, fellow Inspire addicts!

Can you tell us about your background in the fitness industry and how you got started at Inspire?

I have always loved being on stage! I was a competitive dancer for 15 years, and also did a lot of theatre throughout high school. I was never much of a sporty kid, so my love for fitness and rhythm riding truly grew when I joined Inspire.

I joined at a really turbulent time in my life. I was motivated to improve my self-esteem, and feel happier and stronger. After trying my first Inspire class, I was HOOKED! I remember I couldn’t catch the beat to save my life, but being the competitive girl I am, I was determined to get better. As my confidence grew I moved from bike 38, to 26, to bike 10 up the front - my favourite!

I'm so lucky to have made so many amazing friendships through Inspire. They're a huge reason behind why I pushed myself to be the very best I could be, and encouraged me to take up instructing.

Describe yourself in 3 words.

Energetic, out-going, passionate!

How would you describe your teaching style?

I teach with the goal of meeting clients on their level - not everyone is going to be experienced, or confident on the bike... yet! I was a newbie once, so I know how it feels to build your strength and skill every time you step into the studio, and how nerve-wracking trying something new can be.

I LOVE the endurance of a jog and the power of a sprint. So along with tracks you can’t help but sing-a-long to, expect to get your heart rate pumping and build your resilience!

What’s your favourite motivational mantra to get you through a tough class?

If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you!

What do you love most about teaching Cycle?

I love connecting with people, and I definitely like to preach building resilience in order to see change (with anything in life). When I see clients' confidence and stamina on the bike improve overtime, it makes me so proud!

Who's your favourite artist of all time, and what genres do you like to ride to?

My favourite artist of all time has to be a tie between Fleetwood Mac and Drake. Overall, my favourite genre is definitely pop!

What advice would you give to someone taking your class for the first time?

I don’t take myself too seriously, and I don't want you to take my classes too seriously! I just want to see you give it your all, and show up and do your best (whatever that looks like on any given day). Have fun with it, and sing away the pain - I will be!

Some fun extras!

What’s your go-to fun fact or something we might be surprised to learn about you?

I am ridiculously Type A - my calendar app is my best friend (some might say I struggle with spontaneity 🤭)

Next destination on your bucket list?

I’m heading to Japan with my two of my best friends in December 🥰

What is your biggest goal for 2023?

To graduate YAY!

What will be your first theme ride?

My first theme is Aussie Female Pop Icons so we’re talking Kylie Minogue, Jessica Mauboy, The Veronicas and more 🔥

Favourite time of the day to work out?

I’ve really trained myself to be a morning person so I’d say in the AM!

Learn more about Caitlin, what to expect in her rides, and book her class here!


Join Caitlin next Sunday 20/8 at 10:00am for her FREE Community Ride, and help us welcome her to the Inspire team! Grab your water bottle, strap on your cycle shoes, and let's get ready to ride. See you on the bike!

Don't forget to follow Caitlin on Instagram - @caitrosemiller

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