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Get to know your Instructors!


Are you ready to unleash your inner fighter?

Meet Dani, our new energetic and passionate boxing instructor! With her infectious energy and motivational coaching, Dani will take you through an exhilarating journey that will challenge your body and mind 🥊.

Whether you're a beginner or a boxing pro, Dani's dynamic and personalised approach to her classes will help you unleash your inner champion and achieve your wellness goals. Her fun-filled sessions will make you forget that you're working out and leave you feeling empowered and energised.

Get to know Dani below!


Dani, tell us a little bit about yourself!

I'm a 33-year-old fitness enthusiast who's been in the game for over a decade. I may have graduated with a Diploma in Applied Sport & Exercise Leadership back in 2012, but trust me when I say that I've kept up with all the latest trends and techniques to bring you the best fitness experience possible!

With 11 years of experience in teaching and personal training, I've mastered every style of class out there, and I can't wait to share this journey with you!

Describe yourself in 3 words.

Vibrant. Happy. Social.

Let's talk boxing! How did you get into it, and what do you love about it?

Throughout my years as a fitness instructor, I've had the opportunity to teach various styles of boxing in some of the world's most exciting cities like London, Sydney, and Queenstown. But what keeps me coming back time and time again is the energy in the room when everyone is just going for it.

Let me tell you, there's never a dull moment in a boxing class!

What style of music do you usually gravitate towards?

When it comes to music I’m all about dance and pop! Avicii, David Guetta & Calvin Harris are just a few of my many faves. Their beats just get me going and fuel my workout like nothing else!

What advice would you give to someone who’s stepping into your class for the first time?

I would say good luck! Hahah only joking 😉.

If you're stepping into my class for the first time, let me just say that you're in for a treat! My classes are all about high energy and fun, and I promise you'll leave feeling sweaty and full of good vibes.

How do you continue to stay inspired in your wellness/fitness journey?

First and foremost, group fitness! Ever since I took my first class as a teenager, I've been hooked. I also love cooking and eat well, which helps me keep my energy levels up 🥙☕️✨.

What’s something we might be surprised to learn about you?

I’m a trained dancer having spent majority of my life as a ballerina and jazz dancer. I've also had the opportunity to cheerlead as a London Cheerleader in 2013 and a Bulldogs Cheerleader in 2017 in Sydney.

Time for some rapid fire questions!

Favourite music artist of all time?

This is so hard! There are so many.... as cheesy as it is I'd probably say Lady Gaga for her passion and amazing tracks.

Favourite time of day to work out?

Mid-morning is a cheeky fave, but I'm one of those weird un-routined people and I mix it up across the week!

Athleisure or dressing up?

I hate to be predictable but……ATHLEISURE! My wardrobe is 90% gym wear 😅.

Next destination on your bucket list?

Japan or Canada 🇯🇵🇨🇦.

Favourite bar and restaurant in Brisbane?

I'm still a newbie to Brisbane, but so far Popolo in South Bank - incredible Italian!

First theme class?

100% something involving Aviici or Calvin Harris. I'm also a sucker for 90's music, so make sure to keep your eyes on the timetable!


So... are you ready to RUMBLE?

Check out our timetable to see when you can book into Dani's classes and don't forget to add her on socials - @chasinghighintensity

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