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We're so excited to introduce Jacinta to the Teneriffe Cycle team.

Her FREE Community Ride is on Saturday 13th July @ 8am — JUMP ON THE WAITLIST

Tell us a bit about yourself...

I’m a dancer/choreographer who has just moved back to Brisbane in 2024 after living in Melbourne and NYC for my dance career!

I’m an extroverted coffee-drinking, cheese-eating, sausage dog loving gal in her mid twenties. I currently work across a number of dance studios, training and choreographing elite and full-time dancers. I always aim to be grateful for this super cool life I’ve been blessed with, and believe that loving yourself & others and finding joy is a daily choice! She’s got big dreams and aspirations in my dance/musical theatre career, but I seriously love moving my body everyday... ESPECIALLY INSPIRE!!

Can you tell us a little bit about your fitness background, and how you got started at Inspire/in CYCLE? 

I first fell into the fitness world when I was asked to instruct for a beat-based HIIT style workout back in 2019 because of my dance background!

About a year later, I found myself in Ari's class at Inspire, which I was expecting to hate because I'd never enjoyed spin before (LOL). Low and behold, I VERY quickly discovered how differently Inspire do things and fell in love with riding to the beat of the music. I stepped away from the fitness industry for a while when I was full time dancing in NYC, but living in Melbourne when Inspire expanded down there got me STRAIGHT back on the bike, and I have loved coming back to the studio in Brissy after being gone for 2 years.

Feels like a 2nd home now.

What’s one thing we might be surprised to learn about you?

A little side hobby/baby business I have is flower preservation/pressing!

I grew up on a flower farm so have always been around and worked with florals, and have found flower pressing in the last year. Started taking enquiries this year and designing bouquets and arrangements in frames as another little creative outlet separate from my dancing!

What can we expect from your class?

You can expect to work hard but HAVE FUN. I always always ALWAYS want to create a space in that Cycle room that allows everyone to work and push to reach their potential, but it not feel like punishment to your body! Moving should feel GOOD... so I always aspire to lead from a place of encouragement and healthy motivation.

My music will reflect that too I hope! I pack my playlists with songs that make me want to move and dance and sing and smile (send your requests my way)

Dance and music is where I find my joy, freedom and release, so I hope you find that riding to the beat too! I want you to leave that room feeling uplifted and proud.

What are you inspired by? 

I'm inspired by people who are unapologetically themselves and live their life with authenticity and integrity. I think it allows others to do the same, and then it uncaps people's potential as they feel they have the permission to be who they are meant to be and what they feel called to do! We are all designed and created differently, completely unique, and I believe every individual has such a beautiful part to play in making up the puzzle pieces of the world.

What do you love about CYCLE?

Well I LOVE that it’s a workout designed to the beat of music; that is a huge motivator for me with my training! But I think what I love most is that the people that I have met at Inspire have become such a safe place for me in my own fitness journey across the years. It’s allowed me to fall in love with fitness and moving my body to feel good and healthy, not because I feel like I should out of guilt and shame to look a certain way. It’s helped me feel so much stronger and healthier physically and mentally! So it seriously is such an honour to now be able to continue to provide that space for others as an instructor.

Best piece of advice you’ve received on your fitness journey?

Do it for how it makes you feel. In my experience, focusing on the aesthetic outcome only creates detrimental habits and only hurts you. I became SO much happier, healthier and stronger when this perspective shifted for me. And comparison gets you NOWHERE. Different is GOOD.


Outside of Inspire, we will find you...

Probably in a dance studio let’s be real

Favourite time of day to work out? 

Ooooh this honestly changes for me all the time depending on my work schedule! Right now it’s evenings, but watch that change in 2 weeks time hahaha.

Climb or sprint?


A goal for 2024?

Becoming an instructor for Inspire was actually big one!! SO YAY!!

Go-to pump up song/artist?

Nelly Furtado has recently made a resurgence in my playlist rotation and I’m not mad about it.

Guilty Pleasure? 

Shania Twain (and I really don’t feel that guilty about it HAHAH)


We can't wait to ride with Jacinta this month — book in with her this week

Don't forget to follow Jacinta on Instagram — @jacinta_pasco

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