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Another instructor is coming in hot for the Rumble Room, and this time you don't even know what's hitting you!

Meet Jimmy......

Jimmy brings intensity, passion and incredible tunes to the Rumble Room. If that's not enough for you, his witty personality (and your own curiosity) certainly will be!

We asked Jimmy everything you want to know, yes, including what's up with his Instagram handle (@ jimmyfuckinthunda), so you can book into his class before the bags run out.


Jimmy, tell us a little bit about you!

Gday, my name is Jimmy! I'm twenty-five years old and I love to box and party. Alongside boxing, I've also been DJ'ing around Australia for three years. My goal is to bring together my two passions of boxing and DJ'ing!

How would you describe yourself three words?

Crazy, kindhearted & easygoing.

How did you get into boxing? Also specifically, how did you get into boxing at Inspire?

I started boxing about 9 months ago, and believe it or not, I was so gumpy! I knew absolutely nothing about boxing, and was so nervous to try something new. But after my first week, I was hooked and fell in love with it. Fast forward 9 months and a lot of hard work later, and I am now training alongside two highly respected boxing gyms in Brisbane with an amateur fight team.

Boxing is one of the best things to happen to me, and I can't wait to see where I end up.

What is it that you love about the Inspire Box community?

Well, for starters, everyone has a red hot crack go on the boxing bags, I love that shit! I'm the new kid on the block & everyone has been so friendly and welcomed me with open arms. That's something that's very special and rare!

Tell us a little bit about being a DJ!

To put it simply, I play tunes, party, dance, and have a good time.

I made friends with some DJs abroad in Scotland, they took me to all their gigs as the 'Aussie' bloke... let's just say we had the best time! So, I learned a lot and decided DJ'ing was a skill I wanted to pursue when I returned to Australia. I'm actually quite shy, so I was scared to put myself out there, especially because I had really dedicated myself to learning the ins and outs of being a DJ. Whenever I get nervous, I just remind myself that as long as I'm having fun up there, that's all that matters!

What style of music do you usually gravitate towards in class?

I'm not picky, as long as the music makes me feel some kind of way, then I'm f*cking with it!

What does success look like to you?

To look after my parents while I continue to pursue my dreams and goals with boxing and DJ'ing! I'm going to take the name Jimmy Thunda world wide!

What class are you looking forward to teaching?

Box & Bodyweight!

Keep your eye out on the schedule for 'Jimmy's Zoo', coming to Inspire in May!

Okay, time for some fun questions!

Who is your favourite artist of all time?

Nicki Minaj

What is your favourite song of all time?

I have two!

1. Phreaky mf – Mike Dunn

2. Whip it – Devo

Favourite time of day to workout/teach?

First thing in the morning. Win the morning, win the day

What are your hobbies?

I think you's will know this one lol (boxing and DJ'ing)

What will be your first theme class?

80’s, rock, or rocky balboa theme


Jimmy brings so much pizzazz and dedication to the Rumble Room, we just can't wait to get in there. You can catch him on the roster from today at 5:15pm!

Check out our timetable to see when and how you can sign up for his classes!

Love + Light

The Inspire Team x

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