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You may have seen her in the studio or popped into her class, but we want to help you get to know Josie on a personal level.

Josie brings a playfulness and enthusiasm to the cycle room that is unparalleled. Her music is top notch, and the vibes in her classes are immaculate.

She's a prominent figure in the Teneriffe bubble, so make sure to say hello if you're out and about. She'll always greet you with a smile!


Josie, tell us a little bit about you!

I'm relatively new to teaching spin, but I've been coaching fitness and aerials for about ten years. When I'm not teaching, I am at UQ completing my MBA, which is amazing. I love all things business and spend most of my days figuring out how to combine all my hobbies and businesses, while still living the 'Teneriffe soccer mum' lifestyle 😂!

Where are you from?

I’m from Glasgow, Scotland, though no one ever believes me when I tell them!

Describe yourself in three words.

I know Hamish would say loud, but I’m going to say talkative. The other two would probably be social and busy.

If I don’t have something on, I’ll find something to do and someone to do it with!

How did you get into cycle? Also specifically, how did you get into cycle at Inspire?

When I was about seventeen years old, I visited my sister Jemima, who lived in NYC, and she took me to a spin class so we could check out the instructor her friend had a crush on! It is safe to say that I loved it, and whenever I visited her (which I did as much as possible), we would go to classes together.

It's a similar story with Inspire. My best friend joined and bought me to a class. I hadn't spun for years and was very uncoordinated, but the atmosphere was just like NYC, and the instructors were incredible...I was hooked.

What is it that you love about the Inspire community?

Everyone in our studio is there to support you, both on the bike and off. It is never a competition, everyone who comes to the studio wants to be there and recognises what a privilege it is that we can move our bodies in such a fun and motivating way. It's also everyone's favourite part of the day, and there are few studios that could replicate that.

Tell us a little bit about circus! What is your speciality and how did you get into it?

I once saw a girl dropped 60 feet from the silks during the Roxanne chorus in a Moulin Rouge performance - it was insane. I was nine and convinced I was going to be an aerialist.

I trained in the US and Scotland for five years and specialised in silks and trapeze before becoming a coach and performer. I retired a few years ago (another way to say my knees gave up on me), although last year I choreographed an aerial performance for a domestic violence fundraiser at the Redlands Performing Arts Centre.

This year, I am training a team to compete in the Bend the Air competition, so I'm still around - but

(mostly) retired.

What style of music do you usually gravitate towards?

Hip hop for sure. Although pop may be growing on me...

What does success look like to you?

Happiness. Being genuinely happy with your life and the people you include in it.

What’s your favourite class to teach?

The 9am, I love rocking in to teach a spin after 8 hours of sleep and an oat latte in hand. But really anytime! I am just excited to be there. If I could choose a particular type of class it would be Inspire Strength - I love a hill climb. Can we make all 9am’s Strength classes 😂 ?

Okay, time for some quick round fun questions!

Who is your favourite artist of all time?

Dolly Parton or Elton John (although if my dad asks Elton John)!

Favourite time of day to workout?

The morning for sure ☀️.

Next place to travel on your bucket list?

Bali, as lame as it seems, I’ve never been, and it seems like everyone in Australia has!

What will be your next theme class?

Todrick Hall VS To be decided (please send ideas my way!).

Favourite bar to hit in Newstead 🥂 ?

Don't make me choose... actually, it's not a bar, but the best place for a sunset cocktail is on Le Bain's rooftop - you can also always find a few Inspire clients up there too!

Get to know Josie even better by listening to our Off Beat podcast below!


Josie brings so much positive and dynamic energy to the cycle room, we just can't get enough!

Check out our timetable to see when and how you can sign up for her classes!

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