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If we had to pick only one thing to eat on Christmas day it would be.......


We love Christmas at Inspire and count down the days until Christmas lunch is on the table and moments away from our belly.

The team shares their Christmas lunch "must have" dishes and recipes for Christmas day. From family favourites to classic staples that you just can't miss!


1. Fresh Prawns and Oysters

From Tyra

At my Christmas lunches, my family and I always have prawns and oysters; and there is nothing better than a fresh prawn bread roll on Boxing Day!

Although we don't have a specific recipe, this one from @andycooks looks delicious to try on Christmas Day!

2. Miso Glazed Sweet Potatoes

From Ari

It’s all about the sweet potato for me 🤤. This recipe is one of my favourites for Christmas day. Vegan friendly and oh so delicious...

Check out the recipe here!

3. Maple Glazed Christmas Ham

From Dom

Tried and tested at the friendmas lunch Georgia and I held last week, It is safe to say that we'll be using this recipe again next year.

This Woolworths maple glazed ham recipe is so simple and perfect for a quick and delicious table contribution.

4. Mexican Green Spaghetti

From Cami

This meal is a family staple back home. I know it looks healthy, but it's so creamy and tasty!

You can also add jalapeños if you want a little extra kick!

Find the recipe here.

5. Pumpkin Pie

From Georgia

Pumpkin pie is my Dad's classic Christmas lunch dessert. It's my absolute favourite Christmas dessert, and I can never get enough of it during the festive season.

We're usually go for a nice simple recipe like this one. It's perfect when topped with some fresh whipped cream!

6. Pavlova

From Alex

Christmas lunch must have for me is pavlova. I know it's a bit basic, but I'm sickly obsessed with it and only have it at Christmas 😍.

I normally stick to a basic recipe, but love the look of this one from @michellemorfett

7. Reindeer Pretzels

From Theresa

I know they're not lunch food, but I always make reindeer pretzels for Christmas. They are so cute and so easy to make!

Perfect for snacking while you're waiting for Christmas lunch to hit the table.

Find the recipe here!

8. Spiked Eggnog

From Josie

What’s Christmas lunch without cocktails?

Some people call this "Santa's Secret potion," and I can't help but agree! This cocktail is my life at the moment.

So easy, sweet and creamy. The extra shot of Bailey's makes for the perfect holiday drink.

Find the recipe here.


Do you have a "must have" cocktail recipe that people ask for every year? Or maybe it's a recipe for crispy potatoes...

Whatever your favourite Christmas recipe is, let us know in the comments below!

From the whole team, we are wishing everyone at Inspire a very merry and safe festive season x

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