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The team unpacks their personal favourite moments from this year 🤍


Wow, 2022 has been a big one..... as if it's almost 2023! So much happened that we don't even know where to start. Instead, we decided to take the advice of our word of the week and reflect on all the good that this year has brought us.

Below, the team share their favourite moment from 2022.



"Ahhh so many!! 2022 what a year! Thankful and grateful to live a somewhat 'normal' life after Covid and explore and visit places again without restrictions 🥰. Going out without a mask though was defs a highlight 😂!"


"Every time I got to come back to Brisbane, teach, and see everyone was my favourite".


"Bike riding along Venice beach, in the LA sunshine, with my bestie".


"Content Day + Team Teach - the atmosphere that day was unmatched and getting to hang out with everyone and make videos was heaps of fun 🥰".


My work highlights are every time I get to hang with you lot (content days and Xmas party especially). I love watching each and everyone grow and build their “great”. Personally it’s travel, our 25th anniversary, and Charlotte’s graduation.


"Definitely Inspire's content day and Christmas party. There was such an inspiring vibe on content day and it made me fall in love with this community even more. At the Christmas party, meeting all the staff and sharing stories was amazing."


"Spending Christmas with my fam was pretty big. It was the first time in three years, and the first time seeing my siblings in a long time ❤️. Even though they drive me crazyyy I had such FOMO the last few years!


"Moving to Australia in July - Meeting such amazing people, discovering places while traveling, and experiencing many new opportunities and challenges that have made me grow personally."


"Being able to travel again. Celebrating some big daughter Charlottes 21st, as well as my 25th anniversary overseas. Content day made me happy I loved seeing the team come together and have fun. 😘"


"My trip to Europe with Candice and Lily was a highlight!"


"Definitely going to LA and Vegas with Bec!"


This whole year with Inspire has been my favourite moment. Meeting new clients and getting closer with the team. Can't wait to do more years with this community ❤️".


"2022 highlights are the accumulation of belly laughing moments with you all at Inspire. There have been so many from just behind the front desk, to the TikTok Tuesday’s, Xmas party, content day... it's just the general vibes with everyone in this community that makes my heart really full!".


Inspire community, we can't thank you enough for another INCREDIBLE year! We have so much to be grateful for and are inspired by each and every person who walks through our front doors every day 🤍✨.

We would love to see you comment your favourite Inspire moment of 2022 below, or we would also love to see you tag us on Instagram @inspirecycle.

Happy New Years Inspire, and here's to much more celebrations in 2023!

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