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It’s been an unusual start to the year.

We want to help you rise and reset with our first challenge of 2022.

On March 1st we will be embarking on a journey with you to readjust and revamp our routines. The goal? Prioritise ourselves, our health, and our wellbeing.

Different to what we’ve done in the past, this challenge pushes you to prioritise wellness & self-care so that you can put forward the best version of YOU.

We will post a week-to-week tracker on Instagram of small activities that you can reflect on and implement into your week. The tasks are designed to help you start and finish your days in the right way and are completely customisable to suit your personal needs and goals.

30 days.

20 classes.

30 moments for you.


Sign up for the Inspire’s first challenge of the year (it's free!) here & find the accountability tracker on our Instagram's 'challenge' highlight here.

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