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It's been a massive year at Inspire.

We've gone interstate, we've celebrated milestones and so much more!

We've asked our team for a few of their favourite moments this year...


ARIEL: Finding my Inspire community in Melb has been one of the best parts of my entire year. Leaving my Brissy fam was absolutely heartbreaking and the idea of no longer being a part of the Inspire family every day broke my heart so Melb opening up was truly like my dream come true.

We have had so many INCREDIBLE rides together - but let’s be honest nothing beats the T Swift theme rides. In particular the Speak Now team teach with Nai was an absolute highlight! It’s been an unbelievable year and I can’t wait for so many more together.


Kate: My favourite Inspire memory this year was at the Triffid.

It’s been so long since we had done an event like it. Showcasing what we do out of the studio — made me so proud to see the team on that stage! Also, so proud of what the rest of the team did in preparation for the event (it was a huge

effort that was executed professionally). Loved it 🥰

ESTHER: So hard to choose... but my favourite inspire memories for the year would be joining the inspire team (DUH!) and also the Triffid event!! It was my first time taking part in such a large event and just being so new to the community here in Brisbane got me a little worried but the vibes the people the community, IMMACULATE *chefs kiss* ending the year with so many clients AND colleagues turned friends and here’s to sprinting into 2024 together!


Theresa: My favourite men for inspire this year was hands down the Christmas ride. Love having everyone together and doing what we love x

Jonte: Definitely a highlight for the year was the Christmas box — the vibes and energy everyone brought was amazing. Also, teaching with Alex and Christian was such an honour and the most fun I've had. I'm also very proud of the clients that come in regularly and see their progress improve drastically.

Alex: My fav memory was the Christmas box with the boys through and through! Was just such an epic class and I had the best time with them and the community!! So much fun watching them shine and grow all together 🥰


Ryan: The day I got to teach my very first class as a spin instructor will always live on not just as my favourite memory of 2023, but my favourite memory ever!

Hayley: Fav and most memorable moment this year was my first class, my community ride.

I just knew then and there from the first few seconds into the ride that I had found my place my home you know. My people, my community. And every ride since has been incredible. So excited to grow alongside the riders and make even more magic in that room X

Caitlin: The inspire moment that made my year was my community ride - such an incredible welcome to the team and community!

As well as my Guilty Pleasure theme ride (part two will be coming...)

*** + we definitely shed a few tears reading Cait's Insta post after her ride ***

Steph: In 2023, landing the gig as an InspireCycle instructor was hands down the highlight of my year. The whole experience, being part of this incredible community, and helping everyone crush their goals – it's been a game-changer. And let's not forget the Sunday hip-hop class where I went all out as Santa Claus with Cami. So many awesome moments in 2023, and I'm already gearing up for whatever 2024 has in store—more costumes, more surprises, and more unforgettable memories ahead!


Tyra: My fave Inspire memory this year would have to be the chaos of helping with setting up/moving bikes for our Triffid and also our LSKD event. There is something so satisfying Tetris packing bikes into the back of a truck and all the hard work being so worth it for the community!!


Courtney: I have soooo many but prob couldn’t go past the Spice Girls theme ride! The energy and vibes in the room were next level! All the tracks were so much fun to ride too and it brought back so much nostalgia and fun memories I had of growing up obsessed with them!!❤️


A HUGE THANK YOU TO YOU ALL... we wouldn't be able to have all of these incredible memories without you!


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