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Get to know your Instructors - Richmond

Say hi to Charis, our newest addition to the Inspire Richmond Cycle team!

With 2 years of experience under her belt, Charis brings her passion for ride and instructing, all the way from Singapore to our podium!

Get to know Charis, and get ready to clip in below...

Charis, tell us a little bit about you!

I've just moved to Melbourne from Singapore, where I've been spinning for 2 years. I have a love for movement, and teaching!

I'm starting my Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Melbourne, and outside of Inspire, you can find me with friends, exploring Melbourne, and cafe hopping!

Can you tell us a little bit about your background in fitness, and how you got started at Inspire?

I came to Melbourne for a short holiday last year, and made it to United Ride (now Inspire!) - I absolutely loved the community and vibes. Right after I touched down in Melbourne for University, I reached out, and was welcomed by the team here!

Outside of spin, I love trail running, diving and boxing. I've participated in a UTMB trail race with my family, and can't wait to compete in other races.

What can we expect from your class?

You can expect a combination of fun and fitness in my class! Add in a curated playlist of exhilarating EDM and Remixes, in the most motivating and engaging atmosphere.

My class is a safe space for beginners to experienced riders - I'm big on encouraging learning and progress. I love connecting with people, and sharing energy in the room while everyone works to better themselves.

What do you love about teaching Cycle?

I love the beat, the rhythm and the melody of songs. The smiles on the riders' faces, and the energy shared in the room always gets me high!

What are you inspired by?

"Work on you, for you."

Your best piece of advice for riders?

Enjoy the growth, and the moment. Don't be intimidated by the room, or the varying fitness levels of the people around you. It's about focusing on yourself, how your body feels, and living in the moment!

Some fun extras!

What music will we hear in your class?

EDM, pop remixes + Techno

Outside of Inspire we'll find you...?

At University, or out exploring Melbourne!

Favourite time of day to work out?

In the evening! I love working out after a long day at school, or a long day of errands.

Next destination on your bucket list?


One thing you can't live without?


Learn more about Charis, her class style, and book her class here!


Join Charis for her FREE community Ride, and help us welcome her to the Inspire team! Grab your cleats on, clip in, and we'll see you on the bike!

Don't forget to follow Charis on Instagram - @charischane

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