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Get to know your Instructors - Richmond

Say hello to Emily!

Our newest recruit to the InspireBox team in Richmond, Emily is bringing her fitness expertise to Inspire, and is ready to rumble with you!

Emily lives and breathes movement! With a background in yoga teaching, strength coaching, and of course, Boxing, she's done it all, and brings a holistic approach to her InspireBox classes!

Get to know Emily below...

Emily, tell us a little bit about you!

I love supporting people to feel strong and empowered. I'm passionate about the planet, and leaving it better than I found it. I believe our ability to care for the world and others has to start on the inside, and fitness is a key component of this for me.

I love it, and I want to be able to share my love for it - with you!

Can you tell us about your fitness background, and how you got started in Boxing?

I've been in and around the fitness industry for over 10 years, completing my Cert 3 + 4 in Fitness, and my Yoga Teacher Training, which led me to teach both disciplines.

I started boxing a few years ago to challenge myself mentally (as well as physically). I fell in love with the presence and technique required, and loved pushing myself through an amateur fight to test my limits!

What's one thing we might be surprised to learn about you?

I'm very competitive despite the smile.

What can we expect from your class?

I'm energetic, enthusiastic, and love loud music. My background in boxing, yoga, and strength coaching allows me to bring a holistic approach to my classes. You can expect to work hard, but that's where the magic happens! Growth comes from being uncomfortable, and my InspireBox classes will take you there.

What are you inspired by?

A growth mindset, new places, and community!

What do you love about the InspireBox program?

I love the blend of boxing, strength and HIIT - I'm never bored, and I know I'm getting everything I love out of a workout in one: sweat, strength and focus!

Best piece of advice you've received on your fitness journey?

How you look doesn't define your strength or ability.

Some fun extras!

Outside of Inspire, we'll find you...?

Working in corporate sustainability and embracing the Melbourne coffee snob life! 😉

Favourite time of day to work out?

Morning, 100%

Floor or bag?

Do I have to choose!? Floor if it's lower body day, otherwise, the bag!

A goal for 2023?

Complete my Masters in Business!

Go-to pump up song or artist?

Untouched, by the Veronicas.

Learn more about Emily, her InspireBox style, and book her class here!


Join Emily for her FREE community Box, and help us welcome her to the Inspire team! Grab your wraps, get your gloves on, and we'll see you on a bag!

Don't forget to follow Emily on Instagram - @emilysargeson

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